■Author: Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu 
■Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■APR 29, 2018

Nnia Nwodo, The One Nigerianist Has Left Office in Disgrace

Someone once wrote, "Gift accepted is liberty sold." And I concur! When you accept a gift from someone, especially one with an evil intention, you have automatically sold your liberty to him. You have, at that point in time made your self a slave to him without even knowing it.

Such is the case of Nnia Nwodo and his likes whom because of some peanuts have sold their pride and souls to the devil. They collected and are still receiving bribes from the Hausa - Fulani Northern Cabals just to betray and disfavor their own people.

And my question is, When will our Efuluefu brothers (Wayward son's of the land) know that no matter how hard they may try to please the Northerners, they will never accept them as part of their family because to them, they are merely outsiders and slaves who cannot be trusted? And as slaves, their position in the Hausa - Fulani ISLAMIC CALIPHATE is not well defined, and they are simply expendable. Which means that the Northerners will always use them to achieve their objectives and dump them when they are done with them. Nnia Nwodo, a good example!

In a recent post made by Aiden Dillion on his Facebook Wall which read thus:

"Have you noticed how self-confessed Biafra saboteur Nnia Nwodo told the media to stop using Nnia but to call him John Nwodo so that IPOB will not know it's him."

In response to Aiden's post, another Facebook User by the name "Freedom Nwabekee Agility Biafra" had written, "Nnia Nwodo is really dreaming. I heard that another person has taken over his office. My question is, where is he now? Is he still residing in Biafra land? Has he run to live in diaspora or is he now in Abuja where he will be close to his slave masters (Hausa-Fulani)?"

And my reply to him was: Well, the last time I checked, Nnia Nwodo still exists in Hell. As an Hausa-Fulani slave, he is still trapped in this Shit-hole country alongside with other depraved souls. Or have you forgotten that Nigeria is a British established "Zoo" right inside Hell?

Please, my friend, go and Google it on the internet my recent article titled "NIGERIA, A ZOO INSIDE HELL" - By Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu Perhaps this will give you a clue about what am talking about here.

But only Biafra restoration will set Nnia Nwodo, and his likes free from this captivity of negativity which they have by their own hands put themselves into.

Winston Churchill once wrote that "The truth is incontrovertible..." And it can be found in this following words of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Supreme Leader of IPOB: "Any Biafran who serves the Hausa-Fulani and help them to subjugate and massacre his own people will later come back in disgrace."

This is precisely what has happened to Nnia Nwodo. The truth here is that Nnia Nwodo after serving the Northern Cabals for many years has left his office UNCEREMONIOUSLY and that is a massive slap on his ugly face! That is indeed laughable, and it serves him right!

If only others will learn from Nwodo's mistakes and keep doing right perhaps, we, Biafrans might stand the chance of fighting for what actually belongs to us.

If only people will realize that Biafra Restoration is sacrosanct and the only saving grace to this untold hardship we have been subjected to over the years by the Nigerian government and its cohorts, they will all without any further delay accept what Nnamdi Kanu - IPOB is offering to them and embrace the struggle to restoring this God's Kingdom back on earth.

My advice to Biafrans out there, don't you ever joke with the struggle to restore your motherland - Biafra, because it's restoration, has been sanctioned by Chiukwu-Abiama.

Don't be such a foolhardy as to help your enemies to gain grounds or lord your land over you because of some peanut they may be offering you. The devil is trickish!

Don't be like the proverbial little bird Nza who after a heavy meal decides to come out to challenge its personal god (Chi) to a wrestling match.

Biafra is a spirit, it is an ideology which can never be stopped no matter how hard one may try. It is NATURE calling home, and it is unstoppable!

Biafra restoration is the only thing that will save Africa as a whole from the white Supremacy. Let us all embrace it and fight for her restoration so that Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama (The Most High God) whom we adore and worship will take all the glory.

Publisher Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers

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