By Arinze Chukwu (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
The ECOWAS Court of Justice is the judicial organ of the Economic Community of West African States comprising of fifteen countries and is charged with resolving disputes related to the community treaty, protocol and conventions. It has the competence to hear individual complaints of human rights violation.

The ECOWAS Court of Justice has for years been recognized as one of the best courts in the world, and for fighting injustice but was bastardized following the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari as the ruler of Nigeria. He started the showcasing of the trait of rebellion against the rule of law when the case of the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu came on board.

He ensured that from the lower court to the Federal High Court, that judges were bribed not to deliver fair judgment to Nnamdi Kanu whom his human rights were being violated and abused. His disobedience to Court orders and the delay tactic by his government and several adjournments of Kanu’s trial was the reason the Biafran legal team petitioned the ECOWAS Court of Justice to intervene in the matter and deliver justice to all members of the Indigenous people of Biafra held in various Nigerian prisons for no just cause.

Buhari who accepted that "Nigeria is fantastically corrupt” has continued to corrupt whatever comes into Nigeria including the ECOWAS Court of Justice in Abuja. Due to the corrupt nature of the judicial system in Nigeria, the case of Nnamdi Kanu for over three years now has not been given fair hearing by any Court in Nigeria and Africa at large.

While the Indigenous people of Biafra congratulate the ECOWAS court for their move to host its next hearing of the case in Mali, she still warns the judges presiding over the case to desist from any further Brown envelope from the Nigerian government. To Buhari, moving the ECOWAS court to Mali, Ghana or any other African country will not change anything, as he would not fail to have his way via bribery.

The Indigenous people of Biafra have earlier declared never to retreat nor relent on the case of their leader and have always shown it in all ramifications. The ECOWAS court has no reason to adjourn Kanu’s case any longer since the Nigerian government has failed to provide any evidence against Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB.

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