By Onumajuru Onyekachi Macsantos
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe.
An adage goes that "when a blind man leads a group of blind people they must surely end up in a bottomless pit”. Is it normal for a president of a country recently ranked one of the most corrupt in the world and also involved in many degrees of crime, to boycott African Union submit and stage such insubordinate protest against the union? Muhammadu Buhari boycotted the African Union’s Summit held in Rwanda recently, yet some gullible minds sheepishly follow the man that has dark spots on his record and wildly known as “Mr. Anti-law”.

African Union seems to be willing to face reality, Buhari knowing this, cleverly mapped out a strategy to frustrate and distract the Union’s fight to promote justice equity and fair play in Africa in the name of protest. With this act, he has publicly shown Africa and the world that he is not ready to obey African Union or even the United Nations at large. This non-charlatan attitude to the African Union should have ordinarily attracted solid punishment, but the inability of the union to punish offenders has appeared very notable over time.

The union appears to have the inability to enforce obedience upon its members. The fact that Buhari, spurred up an illegitimate demonstration against the order of African Union to acquit all illegally incarcerated Biafrans; to dismantled all compromised military checkpoints, and police illegal roadblocks, in Biafra land and to stay away from assaulting IPOB whose quest and operation is legitimate as boldly enshrined in the United Nations and African Union charter respectively requires great punishment.

This is one president in Africa whose administration makes laughable headlines everywhere. For example, in a speech during Ghana's 61st Independence celebration, he promised to assist them to root out corruption while his administration is the most corrupt in the world. It is only in Nigeria that an individual will be swimming in a pool of corruption yet they respect and accord him with a noble and honourable award of "anti-corruption champion. This is a great challenge to African Union, a task that she must rise up to.

In Biafra, we stand

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