By Livingrich Ezeikpe (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
It is beyond argument that the whole essence of leadership in a country is to ensure that the dreams, hopes, desires, aspirations, expectations, etc, of the people are actualized, and the authoritative allocation of values in a normal circumstance drive the task. This is quite apparent in countries where people in such capacities consider them rather a privilege to serve the people and selflessly as of first instance. To them, what counts, is the people-the people's satisfaction; the people's happiness; the people's protection, and the likes.

Whereas these obligations are realizable in countries where people in politics see political office as a privilege to better the lives of the people, in Nigeria reverse is the case. Politicians in Nigeria see the positions as part of their fundamental rights-to design and perpetuate evil, sadly, against the people; protect themselves and families, politically, financially, and materially, undermining the very essence of the allocation. The worst tool of the evils of politicians in Nigeria in the circumstance is this thing they call “Immunity clause", which serve as a protective measure to politicians in their evils.

Little wonder they spend the people's money acquiring costly properties in countries of the world, enroll their children in the world most expensive schools outside Nigeria still with the people's money, run multitudes of accounts in the most secured banks across the world with the people's money and remain bullet proof. It doesn't bother them whose hoarse is gourd, who dies or get killed by whom. Many Nigerians are of the opinion that if people being killed all over the country are the political class, solutions could have been found within 24 hours.

It is unimaginable that people who are supposed to be servants of the people have bullet proof houses, bullet proof offices, bullet proof cars, even with that, they still have gun trotting escorts. How would they understand what the people feel? It is incomprehensible how it is that no law works on them. They beat traffic, they even drive against the traffic if it suits them. It is understood from reliable source that Law enforcement agencies do not have drivers license, do not renew the particulars of their vehicles, but they will stand on the road to apprehend offenders.

It has been revealed that, "The National Assembly salary is a self-awarded salary; it has nothing to do with the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission, RMAFC at all. They are acting outside the law, making themselves wealthy at the expense of the country. Since they are the ones that approve budgets, they went round the RMAFC and cut out another large percentage or proportion of the budget for themselves, calling it allowances", (Sagay, 2018). Apparently, what they are earning is outrageous and out of tune with the economic reality in the country.

These people cannot continue to consume the resources from Biafra land while millions of others are scratching and looking for tiny morsel to eat. It is not sustainable. "What they are earning exceed the minimum wage by 1,666 times and their productivity is almost nil" (Sagay, 2018). Nigerian politicians have no sense of service at all. They are not thinking of the people, the country, nor the purpose of the position, they are simply comfortable with the protection the position has accorded them and their families.

It therefore follows that those who are questing to move away from these types of leaders and this so called country need to be awarded attractive audience and their quest granted with fair speed, as no one can hope to survive in Nigeria amidst the level of political class it produces.

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