From the feelers I am getting it is like from all indications the organisers of the famed but notorious #BIGBROTHERNAIJA are suffering from the same disease that has afflicted many of the inmates of the evil contraption popularly known as the zoo..#IGBOPHOBIA

Few years back in their first ever #BIGBROTHERNIGERIA Show one EBUKA OBI UCHENDU an Igbo/Biafran one of the house mates was coasting home to victory to win the coveted prize money and all of a sudden the organisers of the show brought in one KATUNG at the tail end of the show and the question then was how can you change goalposts in the middle of a football match???

It must be noted here that one of the rules of the game which the organisers holds tight to is that the housemates must not have contacts with the outsideworld throughout their 3months stay in the house but it seems that the organisers breaks the same rule whenever they want to do what this evil cursed zoo is well known for #MAGO_MAGO as in the case of EBUKA and as we can still see as this treatise progresses.

So one KATUNG from middle belt was introduced after he must have been watching the show from outside for about 2months all in the bid to stop EBUKA the Igbo/Biafran from winning the show and he KATUNG was latter pronounced the winner even though that despite the advantage he came into the game with failed woefully to outshine  EBUKA the Igbo/Biafran and this singular act really put a big question mark on the sincerity and integrity of the organisers that it took them over 10 whooping years to stage the season2 in 2017. No wonder they now have to bring in the same EBUKA as the sole host of the show maybe as a way of restitution and to placate millions of Nigerians they took for a ride ten years ago....

When it was obvious that EFE from Warri is going to win the season2 coveted prize money the organisers of the show never introduced any of their underhand #WAYO obviously because EFE is assumed not an Igbo/Biafran and he had a smooth sail, won the show's coveted prize and the rest is is history.

You have one MIRACLE IGBOKWE a licensed pilot and one of the finest, most respectable and handsome looking gentle young man to have come from the land of the rising sun who is again poised to win the show with a very wide margin as he almost always scores not only the highest votes but leaves the runners up at a very long distance behind him anytime he is up for eviction and all of a sudden just like in the case of EBUKA the organisers went back into their bag of tricks and reintroduced two evicted housemates back into the game including an already disqualified contestant KHLOE to still compete for the same prize money after spending time outside the house and getting to know every secrets of the housemates and the show generally one month to the end of the game and also trickshily made sure that MIRACLE'S strong competitors are forgiven of all their strikes which might earn them disqualification..

From the feelers coming from keen watchers of the show it is clear that the introduction of the Igbo/Biafran hating Yoruba KHLOE is for one purpose. To frustrate MIRACLE as she has been pouring all her venoms on the gentle easy going MIRACLE in order to throw him off balance if possible but as an Igbo/Biafran it is going to be an uphill task for her ...

Just as the voice behind the big brother show always reminds the house mates BIG BROTHER is watching so are the people WATCHING big brother to see if the mistake of the first ever big brother NAIJA show in 2006 will repeat itself ...

Mazi Chukwudi Peace 
A media consultant, rights activist and IPOB Abuja media rep wrote in from Abuja
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