By Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For Rivers Media (Igweocha Province)

I think is of a great benefit to bring to the limelight the importance to explore the oil rich region (communities) in Biafra land and how the oil rich regions in Biafra is been neglected by the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Is very disappointing to see how the oil rich province of Biafra is been explorated and the environmental degradation caused by Oil companies located at those regions.

Actually, I was fortunate to move around to get the real facts situations on ground about the oil rich region and the environmental degradation caused by the federal government of Nigeria. Is quite unfortunately that Nigeria government having been using the Black Gold (Crude Oil) in Biafra land in trading business with foreign countries even  before the bitter civil war which lasted for about 3 years (1967-1970) and also neglecting the indigenous people suffering the spillage.

Due to oil exploration and other human activities in the oil rich region popularly referred as Niger Delta  the Biafra territory, there is evidence of environmental degradation all over the area (Oronto, 1998). Environmental degradation
is occasioned by consistent flow of industrial waste, oil spills, gas flares, fire disaster, acid rain, flooding erosion, etc., which has led to the pollution of farmlands and fishponds. It has also led to the destruction of properties and human lives, including aquatic and bio-diversity.

Current environmental problems in Nigeria have become great threat to Biafran environment and nature in general.

 Environmental pollution in the oil rich region in Biafra territory requires great attention! Let’s have a look
at most essential issues and discuss the best solutions to the current environmental problems in the country Nigeria exploring the Black Gold (crude oil) in the region.

The Air Pollution In The Oil Rich of Biafra territory

Current environmental issues in the oil rich region, some places like rumuolumeni (iwofe), Obigbo, Ogoni, just to mention but
 few locations in Biafra region mainly
include air pollution. This is one of the most important threats to the indigenous people living in coast of Biafra land.

Compared to 1990, the  Nigeria government became full of power plants. There began the development of heavy and automotive industry, construction of
factories by American, European, Chinese
companies, which led to the increase in the level of air pollution by 65%.

The number of deaths from the low-quality air is increasing every year. They already exceed death rates from AIDS and malaria combined. The indigenous people living in the riverine area of Biafra land are nothing to write home about. The level of air pollutions caused by Shell petroleum company, Agip, etc is something else.
Environmental pollution has led to the increase in the rate of cardiovascular diseases and problems with respiratory tract.

Water pollution Caused by oil spillage on the oil rich region of Biafra land

Water is one of the most precious natural
resources. It is important for the existence of all living beings. However, the number of threats to this valued resource is increasing every year. The indigenous people living in the riverine area of Biafra has no good source of good drinking water. The same source of drinking water by the indigenous people living in the riverine area of Biafra land is the same water they pass out waste.  This fight for the liberation of the Biafran people remains inevitable.

The main reason for this is that as the human populations grow, there is an increasing demand for more water of high quality for domestic purposes and economic activities.

Also, the management of the quality of this valuable resource is of special importance. Water pollution is dangerous to the health of all living beings. Fresh water pollution is especially detrimental to the health of people and aquatic
animals as this is a main source of portable water for the world population and particularly in the oil rich  communities of Biafra.

The main causes of water pollution in the oil rich region of Biafra land

● Domestic water pollution
● Industrial water pollution
● Agricultural based water pollution
● Oil spill water pollution

Waters in the oil rich region of Biafra rivers mainly becomes contaminated with oil waste. A great number of factories operating on this region put a lot of effort into oil extraction, but they do not pay enough attention to environmental issues in the region. Farmers are crying to the federal government for interventions, fisher men are crying, youths are crying and also the children are also crying at the level of oil spillage caused by this oil companies in the region. The height of poverty in the land due to the spillage by the oil companies is heartbroken to unveil.

However the main causes of environmental pollution in the oil rich region of Biafra lies in the activities of companies dealing with oil extraction, transporting, import, and export.

Oil production is the main source of revenue to Nigeria government. Most of the oil rich region of Biafra land oil is been extracted on
the shelf of the Gulf of Guinea. The Nigeria government exports crude oil, and imports refined petroleum products. But when you visit those region where the oil is drained, you will cry bitterly base on the situations on ground. many famers and fishermen are helpless because no means to farmer again, no means to fish because of the level of oil spillage. Their is serious hunger in the town, a region that should be the best in world base on the rich resources in there land but the case is different. A country that is more interested in exploring crude oil for money than the wellbeing of her citizens. This is the most reasons why the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) needs the total freedom of her people.

 Between 1976 and 2009, the total
number of accidents and disasters reached 9583 base on statistics. This had a significant impact on the ecology of the Gulf of Guinea.

The geographical position of the bay slows down natural processes of oil dispersing, which leads to a reduction and destruction of biological resources in the territorial waters on the oil rich region of Biafra. This then in turn has a large effect as it is one of the main food resources of the country.

In Biafra, there are about twenty rivers, most of which flow through the oil-rich of Biafra land and flow into the coastal regions  . If a spill occurs as a result of damaged oil pipelines or for any other reason, in most cases these
rivers carry oil to the coastal waters of Biafra.

More and more claims in courts are against the company called Shell. The Indigenous residents are complaining about their negligence to the citizens
nature and lack of desire to think about the environment and consequences brought on by their activities.

The fight by the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) lend by citizen Nnamdi Kanu the Director of Radio Biafra / Biafra TV; is to make sure they restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra is restored by any means possible also to make sure those region neglected by the federal government of Nigeria is resolved.

Inclusion, there must be a collective effort by the riverine area of Biafra to come together to restore the sovereign state of Biafra so they can fully control their resources and develop their environment.

Biafra people must be free...iseee

(To Be Continued)

Udo diri unu Nile
iseeee iseeeee iseeeee

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