By Okwunna Okongwu
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice (TBRV)

Well, as a result of a comment from one Seth Kentiok who asserted that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, as well as the youths of the Old Eastern Nigeria (Biafra),  are misguided and who went further to ask my humble self whether I am one of the misguided youths of the East, i, on behalf of other Biafrans responded as stated below.

"Thank you very much, my dear friend, Seth Kantiok. 
So, it's only Nnamdi Kanu that you saw in that long response. 

I'm not surprised because the undue advantage foisted upon undeserving beneficiaries will always make the undeserving beneficiaries blind to the stark reality. 

If I were to be the beneficiary of the obnoxious quota system, I would be defending whatever evil murderous Britain does, (through their terroristic proxy, the Nigerian government), no matter how unscrupulous. 

If my child can secure admission with a low score of 2/200, and another child in the same class will be compelled to score 139/200 in the same exam before being considered for admission, I will equally call Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who is exposing this atrocious act, which murderous Britain, through their mischievous media, the BBC, has been concealing, misguided. 

If my kinsmen can invade communities, kill all the people in that community, abduct those they could not kill, rape every available female, set their stored food on fire, and predatory Britain, through their deceitful media calls it farmers and herdsmen clash, I will certainly call Nnamdi Kanu, who is bringing the true picture to the world through Radio Biafra, misguided, or even a worse name. 

If I'm the one to automatically secure a job in an oil company without any qualifications, and the people that have the oil in their place, who are eminently qualified, cannot even secure the job of a gateman in the same oil company, and the poisonous and parasitic Britain is talking about maintaining the territorial integrity of such an evil forest, and the satanic BBC is hiding this criminality from the world, I will certainly call anybody who is exposing the truth misguided. 

If a person elected for the office of the president dies, and predatory Britain, to protect their thievery of the Biafran wealth (OIL AND GAS), brings a Sudanese called Jubril Aminu, and performs minor surgery on him, and imposes him on a docile nation, just to deceive the world, I will surely call any person exposing these evils something worse than misguided. 

If the Tiv people who spearheaded the massacre of Biafrans, in the fraudulent project of keeping Nigeria one could be under ịntense massacre by their "northern brothers", and nobody is listening to their ranting as Mazi Nnamdi Kanu warned them, surely, I can describe Nnamdi Kanu as misguided. 

If the Boko Haram rank and file, who have been officially recognized by the Muslim Brotherhood led feudal government (deceitfully called federal government), and given army uniforms, and mandated to go and wipe off innocent, vulnerable, helpless and hapless communities, with the gangsters at Aso Rock, led by the impostor Jubril Aminu, applauding, approving, and supporting, and all the Lagos Ibadan expressway brown envelope gutter media concealing, or afraid to write about it, and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, through Radio Biafra, is putting the world on notice of this feudal government terrorism, I will surely call Mazi Nnamdi Kanu misguided. 

So, my dear friend, Seth Kantiok, if the above-mentioned instances are the basis of determining misguidance, then, I can tell you unequivocally that I am one of the "misguided youths in (the) East". 

For the fact that the murderous Britain joined barbarians and savages together in the same cage with humans, and are insisting that they must so remain for them to continue to commit their economic rape of Biafrans, and at the same time, using the beasts to kill the Biafrans systematically so as to permanently appropriate the Biafran wealth (OIL AND GAS), the satanic Britain is irreversibly and irrevocably cursed. 

The world will CERTAINLY WITNESS the doom that will befall murderous Britain. 

God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. God bless Biafra. 

Come quickly Oh Biafra. 
All hail Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. All hail Biafra. 


Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi

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