I have just released my registrar to go for prayers and you have just made me to miss my own prayers. Binta nyako to IPOB's counsel.

With this statement from a supposedly judge who is presiding over one of the most frivolous case ever in the history courts justice binta nyako adjourned till 21st of May 2018

The hearing which began at exactly 11.43 saw IPOB'S legal team arguing spiritedly for binta nyako to see the need to grant the IPOB defendants bail only met a brick wall as the Fulani woman judge retorted

"I'm tired of hearing your voices"  to Ipob's counsel Barr Igwe.

A clear sign of utter disgust for Biafrans
But that verbal assault from the judge never deterred the team of formidable Biafran legal luminaries as the fired on.

"The African human and people's right charter which Nigeria is a signatory to supports self determination by whatever means not against the law" IPOB's counsel Barr. Igwe fired on.
Nigerian constitution made it clear that if trial fails to proceed after two months that the accused person(s) is entitled to bail and it is very clear from the position of the prosecution counsel today that they are not ready as they have hinted that they are not ready again for the reply to our bail application made almost about a month ago.

"There is no evidence that if the IPOB's accused persons are given bail that they will fail to appear in court because the charges against them are nothing but frivolous charges which cannot stand the test of any country's law including that of Nigeria", IPOB'S legal team continued.

"My lord I also pray that while granting my clients bail that you make an order restraining the Nigerian military from invading the house or going anywhere near my clients to avoid what happened in the case of NNAMDI KANU in order not to jeopardize this case further".

And after this salvo the unlettered and frustrated Fulani woman judge made the statement above and scampered out of the court.

Meanwhile the prosecution lead counsel malam labaran was no where near the court today as he is obviously not ready for another round of disgrace from the formidable and ebullient IPOB'S legal team.

Compiled by 
Chukwudi Peace
Media consultant
Ipob Abuja media Rep.
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