Let me make it clear here that the nature and culture of the Fulani all over the world is to kill, steal, enslave and subjugate. IT IS IN THEIR DNA! And it’s not a hidden fact because they don't pretend about it or go about it in an intelligent manner but in a very brutish and animalistic way. That’s why they are BEASTS OF NO NATION in that, other nations of the world especially Africans always consigns them in the deserts because their animalistic, greedy inhuman nature makes it impossible for them to dwell and inhabit same space with normal human beings.

But when they crossed into this part of the world 1800 they discovered a very lazy, docile, gullible, selfish, divisive and careless set of indigenous people who cannot stand up against their evil and subversive nature but will rather help them to kill each other or look the other way unless it affects them directly.

Examples of the above assertion can be seen in what is going on in Benue, Plateau, Taraba, Nassarawa, Bauchi and other states of the Middlebelt and northeast where Fulanis are carrying out one the most serious and worst ethnic cleansing through Boko haram and the Fulani herdsmen terrorists for so many years. The likes of Paul Unongo, TY Danjuma, Governor Lalong and others were either supporting them or looking the other way until they also came to their own villages.

It can never be over emphasized that the solution to these hydra-headed Fulani monsters is to destroy this evil contraption which they have eaten deep into and polluted irredeemably. They are in control of virtually every of its structures and by so doing every indigenous people trapped under the evil contraption can be able to establish their own security apparatus to defend themselves and chase the marauding evil leeches out of town. And that's why to me and other right thinking Biafrans it is either Biafra or death!


Written by:
Innocent Chukwudi Peace
For: Abuja State Media

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