During the event organized by the supposed 'Eastern Consultative Assembly (ECA)' at Enugu on the 27th of February, 2018, Biafrans who flooded the event rejected the call for RESTRUCTURING the sellout Igbo elites. They made it abundantly clear that what they want is the restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra. It is very disappointing and painful that those who are supposed to speak the mind of their people have become irrelevant by clamouring for RESTRUCTURING Nigeria; not the wish of Biafran people.

Mazi Nnamdi Kamanu Ozuzu is our leader and will always speak the mind of Biafrans. A good leader knows the desire of his people.

All the red capped bootlickers, parading themselves as leaders; Nnia Nwodo and Co. know they do not represent Biafra nor care about the well-being of Biafrans. They are only engrossed in their selfish interests. They felt they have the audacity to talk rubbish at the so-called 'Eastern Consultative Assembly' in Enugu.

Since the amalgamation with the blood-thirsty vandals in Nigeria, nothing good other than subjugation, marginalization and inhuman treatment has been our ordeal.

Instead of these self-centred bigots to talk about the referendum of Biafra; the only thing that will free us from the damnable contraption called Nigeria, they began talking about restructuring; an impossibility in that expired contraption; Nigeria.

Anyway, whatever trash they come up with will not deter the restoration of Biafra. Biafrans are no longer interested Nigeria. What we need is nothing but an egalitarian, humane nation of our own. Nnia Nwodo and his cohorts know that the destiny of Biafra does not rest with them but in the hand of Chi Ukwu Okike; the Almighty God Who will in no distance time, give us Biafra.

We know that Nwodo and Co. are for now, comfortable in Nigeria because of their nocturnal activities and their return with stuffed ‘Ghana must go’ bags from Abuja.

Why should they support Biafra restoration? They are a disgrace to humanity. They will surely reap what they sow at the appropriate time.

They thought that our people would be stunned by them vomiting their rubbish. Little did they know that Mazi Nnamdi Kamanu Ozuzu has completely sensitized his people; Biafrans. Times are over when those imbeciles felt relevant. They will never forget their disgrace by IPOB at that ‘Eastern Consultative Assembly’ on the 27th of February, 2018. Biafrans have the final say.

Written by:
Ogochukwu Nnanna
For: Igweocha Media

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