By Chidi Aloysius Nwosu (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Rochas Okorocha is the governor of Imo state in Nigeria. He belongs to All progressive Congress ( A.P.C). He has been the governor of Imo state for seven years, which means by 2019 he will be completing his second tenure. Since there is no room for him to contest again, he wants his son in law, uche Nwosu, who married his first daughter, Uloma, to be the next governor of Imo state by all means to continue their atrocities in Imo state and against the of Imo people.

Uche, who was Rocha’s former commissioner of lands, is currently his chief of staff. Uche joined the Rochas foundation as a domestic staff going on errands like driving Rochas's children to and from school .Uche impregnated the first daughter of Rochas, Uloma and to avoid shame the governor gave the daughter's hand in marriage to Uche. From that moment Uche started his journey to sudden riches. In this current government of Imo state, Rochas ,his wife, his brothers ,his sisters, and Uche nwosu have acquired over one thousand properties in and outside Imo state since 2011

WODDI wellness center is owned by Nkechi okoroch , and it's located at the State’s Secretariat annex which was taken by uche when he was the commissioner for lands; the other parts of the land are shared amongst the relatives of Rochas. West Brook Hotel at new Owerri, a multi million Naira hotel is owned by Uche Nwosu, who acquired the land by revoking its ownership from the previous owners. Farmers market is owned by Geraldine ,the governor's elder sister and the lands were acquired through Uche Nwosu,

A filling station beside Farmers market which is under construction is owned by Gerald, the brother to the governor and it is a land acquired by Uche Nwosu,. Another filling station under construction located along MCC Road, is owned by Uche Nwosu. There is also a school under construction, which is in over 20 plots of land, acquired by Uche Nwosu for his private school. There is an Event center, owned by the wife of the governor, Nkechi okorocha and it’s located opposite Uche's private school. The land was acquired through Uche.

A mansion under construction which is located opposite ISOPADEC building is owned, by Gerald, brother to the governor, and the land was acquired through Uche. El- creeds foundation is built on 25 plots of land and it is owned by Uche. Esteria Mega supermarket located opposite Civic Center estate is owned by Ogechi Ololo, the governor’s younger sister and commissioner for happiness. Municipal plaza located along MCC road is owned by Nkechi, the wife of the governor and it was acquired through Uche from a civil servant.

Alex Home is owned by Nkechi, wife of the governor. It is located along MCC also acquired through Uche. Akachi estate is owned by Nkechi. It has seven duplexes and ten bungalows. Two were furnished as service apartment on eighty plots of land and was acquired through Uche and valued at over 6 billion naira. A storey building still under construction near New Castle Hotel is owned by Geraldine, the governor's elder sister. Twitter Bite, the former Mr FANS building whose owner was frustrated out of business by Rochas government is presently owned by Geraldine and, is located at Mbari Road.

Spibat Estate was acquired by Rochas before 2011 and after becoming governor, he illegally acquired the rest of the lands from Mbieri people and it's over ten plots of land with dual drive way and have about sixty four buildings and a lawn tennis court. Former IBC Orji, belonging to Imo Broadcasting Cooperation at orji was stolen by Rochas in collaboration with one Eze Innocent, who shared the land with Rochas and its now the new site for Rochas' private school. Uche's private mansion at High brow Civic centre Estate and another acquired three plots of land which cost over two hundred and fifty million naira are also there.

House of Freeda is a multimillion Mall that has branches in Lagos and Abuja and it’s owned by Uche and his wife. Uche also has a large poultry which is located beside Shoprite, Owerri. The former Disney Hotel and Resorts was frustrated out of business by the governor and the hotel is now owned by Rochas and has been remodeled with money collected under the disguised of catering for flood victims in 2017. Beside the above mentioned ones, there abound many others that are owned by these people all in the name of governing Imo state.

The purpose of Roachas is to cover all these atrocities at least for the next years to come if possible, and the only way to do it is to impose his son in law on Imo people. Chiukwu Okike save Imo people.
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