By Okwunna Okongwu

One of the worst calamities that can befall any person or group of persons is when they deliberately or inadvertently box themselves into precarious situations that portend great doom for the person or group, without knowing the magnitude of what awaits them.
This accounts for why, in many cases, the victims and the casualties are not aware of what they are into by reason of being oblivious to the long-term implications of what lies ahead.

Don't be surprised, therefore, that the victims and the casualties under the present discourse, may not be aware of the depth of the pit in which they are.

Since satanic Britain, in the pre-genocide (otherwise called the pre-civil war) Nigeria, cultivated, nurtured, and consolidated the envy, jealousy, hatred, and fear for the Biafrans by other Nigerians, it was a jolly good season for the puppets, Nigerians, and their puppeteers, sadistic Britain.

It was therefore very easy for murderous Britain, through their lying machinery, the BBC, to ignite and sustain the hatred, fear, and the consequent genocide against the Biafrans, which evil Britain planned, executed, and sustained through the jealousy and hate-filled Nigerians, (while evil Britain kept mischievously telling the world that it was a civil war).

Since the open genocide against Biafrans by the barbaric Britain (which they however executed through the hate-filled Nigerians) was SUSPENDED in 1970, with the resultant confiscation of the Biafran wealth (OIL AND GAS), and the exclusion of Biafrans from benefitting therefrom by parasitic Britain, Nigeria and Nigerians had been united and rising in unison, speaking with one voice, acting in the same direction, and keeping mute (as the case may be), in almost everything, especially in those matters concerning the oppression, subjugation, marginalization, and total exclusion of Biafrans.

This state of affairs of the unity of Nigerians, especially in oppressing Biafrans remained until, and up to the emergence of the present terroristic group of gangsters, as represented by the late Mohammadu Buhari.

With the emergence of Buhari, the oil began to be separated from the water. The announcement by Buhari about 97% and 5% sent Nigerians into ecstatic euphoria because their calculation was that by 5%, Buhari was obviously referring to the Biafrans, who Nigerians described in all manner of derogatory descriptions, including wailers, mourners, croakers, lacking in political sagacity, carrying all their eggs in one basket, lacking in vision, patriotism, and humility.

Nigerians equally went ahead to mock and threaten the Biafrans with every kind of mockery and threat, the summary of which was packaged in the widely circulated Kunle and Alhaji discussions.

But soon, in the real implementation of all their subjugative schemes, the victims began to emerge.

The first set of victims were the euphorically ecstatic Nigerians who had been anxiously expectant about how the wings of "the stubborn Biafrans" should be clipped.
Because they knew that the Biafrans are commerce inclined, they began to churn out policies that would cripple the commercial activities of Biafrans, thereby pauperising the Biafrans.

To the consternation, amazement, and shock of the Nigerians, those inhuman policies targeted at Biafrans began to have devastating and unmitigated effects on them by stripping them of their purchasing power.
This trend has persisted till date, thereby turning many a Nigerian into an official or unofficial beggar.

Another set of victims of the present Muslim Brotherhood tyrannical government is the Hausa ethnic group of northern Nigeria.
Before now, many people have lived with the wrong notion that there's an ethnic group known as the Hausa-Fulani.
This wrong impression had made the Hausas be in the forefront of echoing whatever comes from the north as sacrosanct, with the false One North belief.
This present set of anarchists in the villa has clearly shown the Hausa that they are victims of loss of identity, perpetual enslavement, and feudal captivity. The Fulani has shown them that they are quite distinct, and must so remain.

We cannot overlook the extent to which the manufacturing sector also became corporate victims of the terroristic maladministration in Nigeria.
Ask yourself, where is the manufacturing sector?
They had thought that Jonathan was an impediment, but today they know better.

Permit me to state, without equivocation, that the worst set of victims in this calamitous lootocracy called government is the Yoruba nation.

The Yoruba nation had relapsed into complacency, induced by the stress-less availability of the confiscated Biafran wealth, (engineered in part by the envious and genocidal Awolowo), thereby jettisoning the strategic thinking and planning they were known for, and consequently being led by intellectual and political minions and Lilliputians.
The result is that they are left almost at crossroads.

Time will fail me to discuss the casualties in details, but I plead with you to use your third eye to augment.

One of the casualties is the so-called Yoruba leader, BAT, who has not only been demystified, but equally be used, derobed, disgraced, denounced, and discarded.

What can I say of all the other ethnic groups of Northern Nigeria, who hitherto had seen themselves as citizens one united and indivisible north?
Since this Muslim Brotherhood gangsters started their genocidal campaign, they have been told in no uncertain terms that there is a difference between the bird and the butterfly.

The salaried workers are no exception. The lucky ones just had their income losing its value, less lucky ones had their salaries reduced, the much less lucky ones were laid off or sacked, while some of the unlucky ones either committed suicide or faced situations similar or almost equivalent in magnitude to suicide or death.

The greatest casualty of the disaster cum calamity foisted upon Nigeria, perhaps, as a retributive recompense for their accumulated atrocities upon Biafrans, is the satanic, parasitic, sadistic, exploitative, and predatory Britain.
The eagerness of Britain in imposing a moronic coupist on Nigeria, enthroning mediocrity, sustaining backwardness, perpetuating criminality, upholding hypocrisy, and being overtly selfish are all highlighted in this era of Buhari terrorism.

The perfidious Britain, with the aim of sustaining their gullible proxy, the terroristic gangsters in government, has exposed itself as lacking in humanity, thereby making itself an object of castigation, mockery, and worthlessness before the whole world.
Was it not the murderous Britain which smoothly and peacefully organized the Brexit and Scottish referenda, but is insisting on maintaining the territorial integrity of Nigeria, even when parts of Nigeria like Bakassi and parts of Kwara state were ceded to other countries, just for them to continue the unabated siphoning of Biafran wealth (OIL AND GAS)?

Worst of all, in the desperation of Britain to continue to be at the forefront of directing affairs in the stealing of the Biafran wealth (OIL AND GAS), the conscienceless Britain brought an impostor, Aminu Jubril from Sudan, in the place of the late Buhari, and imposed him on Nigeria, just for the protection of its economic interest.
The calamity associated with this British fraud is that the predatory Britain might be thinking that the world does not know.
Dear Britain, the world knows very well, and that is why you have descended in the pit of scorn and disdain.

To cover its deadly deeds, the parasitic Britain is pretentiously playing the good boy in the Russian affairs, which in itself is a sure road to perdition for the criminal Britain.

In all these, the only single set of beneficiaries of the present calamity foisted on Nigeria in the name of government by the satanic Britain as represented by Cameron and his colleague, the Islamic fundamentalist and jihadist, Obama, are the Biafrans.

In the area of political sagacity, in the area of employment, in the area of explosive and intensified commercial activities, and in the are of innovative ingenious inventions, Biafrans have excelled and benefitted immensely.

Most importantly, because of the fury and venomous bitterness, coupled with the desperation to extinguish the Biafra restoration project, it has turned out that every single action, inaction, commission, omission, utterance, silence, and even association of the present tyrannical fraudsters called government, has awakened, conscientized, synergized, galvanized, solidified, promoted, projected, publicized, and accelerated the Biafrans, and the Biafran restoration project.

By the moronic fumbling and tumbling of the present occupants of the Aso Rock, as represented by the impostor who presently goes by the name Mohammadu Buhari, the names Igbo, Biafra, IPOB, and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu are on the lips of every adult in the world.

God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. God bless Biafra.

Come quickly Oh Biafra.
All hail Mazi Nnamdi. All hail Biafra.
By Okwunna Okongwu
For Lagos Media team.

With Jpmadu Jpmadu
Elizabeth Ezeoha

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi

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