Because our parents refuse to tell us how it all began, they went hidden in fears and trauma over their long-ago experiences (1966-70).

Dear Grandpa, Grandma and all those that witnessed what happened before and after the war, one of the debt you owe and must pay me before you die, is to grant me knowledge of what happened before the 1966 and after, tell me all you knew about the whole thing, and I promise you we shall conquer this time around.  

  • Tell us how they disobeyed the rules of war and staved the innocent children to death. 
  • Tell us about the ASABA MASSACRE, and how vultures fed on the decomposing remains of the innocent people on that day. 
  • Tell us how Calaba aided in killing the innocent people who has nothing to defend themselves with but running for their dear lives. 
  • Tell us about how the Benue was so busy searching every vehicle that crosses to make sure they eliminate every Igbos in it during the war! 
  •  Tell us how the word 'Inyamiri' came to be the well-known name given to every Igbos in the north.
  •   Tell us how our people were shipped out of the country during the war and never returned after the war even till date.  
  •   Tell us how our money was ceased from us and the 20 pounds equivalents given to everyone Igbos that had money whether in their homes or in the banks not minding how much he or she has. 
  •   Tell us how they robbed us, raped our mothers, defiled our young ladies and took many of them into slavery as their spoils of war! 
  •   Tell us what our crime was then and whose fault it was.
  •   Tell us how the 249 ethnic groups turned against 1 ethnic group. 

Do not keep mute, we want to hear the stories, the truth and the deepest part of it. We don't want to keep wandering in the camp of our enemies, we don't want to lose our ancestral lands to those that mocked us and called us infidels.

Tell us because it hasn't ended yet! We forgave them but they are mocking our weaknesses and celebrating our fears.   

Do not deny me history, do not allow our enemies to tell us how it began, because they keep mocking us with it. 

Do not allow our enemies to tell us because it will keep us under mental bondage. 

Do not allow our enemies to tell us because they will cause division among the remnants and hatred among our brethren. 

Do not allow our enemies to tell us when you are no more, because it will cause us to remain slaves under them! 

Tell me (the History) now and not later!

Remember; “There is always an atom of freedom in every truth well told "

Written by:
Olovo Kingsley Uchechukwu
For: Biafra Media

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