By Chidi Aloysius Nwosu (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
All the media in Nigeria are a monumental disaster; they are biased in their reportage. They only report edited or doctored stories by regulating bodies and the Nigerian government, to the detriment of the masses.

The print media in Nigeria is all about business. It is all about the money that they will get from the government, the politicians and the business class. The print media in Nigeria is almost bought and owned by the politicians and the government and are being used to propagate lies. In Nigeria, the print media are paid before they can cover or report a story, and of course, cannot report what does not favour the government or earn them money.

Presently, what the Nigerian media report must go through the National Broadcasting Cooperation. You must report what they want or get closed down, suspended or get loose your license. The government also pays the print media to publish lies misleading the masses. It is just recently that individuals and groups have taken over the online media in order to help the masses in getting facts of events. A good example of such groups is the Indigenous people of Biafra writers, who now tell the masses the truth about the activities of the government, such as the killing of innocent people going on in the land, the rigging of elections, and the rest.

The Nigerian media has nothing to offer. What they now focus on is advertisements and government announcements. There are no more journalists on the field to get first-hand information. These lazy practices of the Nigerian media were on until the emergence of Radio Biafra London whose philosophy is “tell the truth”. The Radio Biafra is used to educate and enlighten the masses on their rights and exposing the activities of the government against the public. The Nigerian national Broadcasting Cooperation wanted to block the Radio station’s signals but when they couldn't, they resort in labelling it a “pirate radio station”, just because it reports the truth to the masses. This is to show the masses that the Nigerian government doesn't want the people to know the truth but to be fed with all manner of all lies.

The masses should know that the Nigerian government controls the Nigerian media and none of them is telling them the truth.

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