By Chimpuruimeihenile Immanuel Ukoha (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Prior to the tenure of Muhammadu Buhari as the president of Nigeria, the menace by the Fulani herdsmen was rarely heard. Could this be because the rod to deal with them and their crime was strong? However, Buhari-a Fulani, an Islamic extremist and emerging as the president of Nigeria through electoral malpractice though as confessed by the then INEC chairman, Mr Attahiru Jega, has given the Hausa-Fulani cattle herders the temerity to commit whatever crime they desire with impunity.

Recently, they attacked Benue state, leaving not less than 80 persons dead, including infants and women. The most annoying part of it all is that these criminals weren't brought to book, nor ordinarily called to order. They have destroyed uncountable lives and properties at Enugu state, yet the python refuses to dance on them, unlike the case of IPOB, where the Nigerian military Python dancers rummaged the town of Umuahia, causing the loss of more than 30 innocent lives at the hometown of the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu cum his sudden disappearance which by every indication is under the custody of the Nigerian military, for no justified cause.

The Fulani herdsmen asked for grazing lands all over Nigeria, which some states refused giving them, creating uproar in the whole of Nigeria. The Nigerian government is forcing the 36 states to give out lands for grazing field which they later changed to cattle colonies. The question people are asking is; is cattle rearing a national business or private business? How come this Buhari, APC Fulani government is investing so much in cattles.

This government imports grass from Brazil while People are dying of hunger.  The first time Buhari wore army uniform since he came back to power was to inaugurate a strong military anti-cattle rustling unit equipped with helicopters and other military hardware. Meanwhile, robbers, kidnappers and other criminals are making life unbearable for citizens and the government is nowhere in sight.

Unfortunately, the herdsmen are not satisfied with all these largesse from the government. They want to get grazing field in all the 36 states. They not only want grazing fields, the equally want grazing route and cattle rest area all over the country. They swore to kill and sack any community that disallows their request. To prove how special the cattles are, a few days back, a high Court fined a former Navy officer millions of Naira for seizing about 44 Hausa-Fulani cattle.

The federal government of Nigeria is invariably telling the world that she is the backbone of these evil of herders, by supporting the Fulani herdsmen and their evil activities. This fact is supported by the statement of the vice president of Nigeria: “IPOB is a threat to Nigeria's unity and we the Federal Executive must crush them and their activities by fire by thunder. So we beg true Nigerians to provide our security agencies with IPOB's information/plans/activities for proper action to be taken immediately! .... But for Hausa/Fulani herdsmen killings, I plead to Nigerians Don’t Retaliate Fulani Herdsmen Killings, Pray For Them Instead; just as we the Federal Executive are praying hard now”(Yemi Osibanjo).

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