The Nigeria police force in Ebonyi state department of Anti kidnapping squad otherwise known as AK, failed to bring to the court the members of IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in Ebonyi state which they abducted on Saturday 24 March, 2018 in Abakaliki the capital city of Ebonyi state.

The members of IPOB in Ebonyi state on Saturday 24 March, 2018  were peacefully heading to Effium to attend the funeral rite of their late member, Mazi Nwoke John who passed on to the glory of Yahweh on 7 January 2018 after a brief illness, suddenly one of the bus they were travelling with broke down on the road and they parked one side of the road along water works road Abakaliki to hire a motor mechanic who will repair the engine before they'll continue the journey; shortly after they stopped to fix the faulty engine the Nigeria police force department of Anti Kidnapping Squad came to the scene with the state commissioner of police and abducted those sighted around the premises.

Those abducted were Igwe Ogbonnaya, Ezeh Daniel Obinna, Ogbuka Franklin, Aka Onyekachi, Pius Izirigi, Ikenna Onyibe and Mrs Chukwu Jacinta. They were taken to the state police headquarters Abakaliki, later in the evening same day, Mrs Chukwu Jacinta was transferred to Onuebonyi police station. 

Meanwhile, members of IPOB in Ebonyi and other neighbouring states trooped into the state judiciary on Monday 26 March, 2018 following the information gotten from a reliable source on Sunday evening that they will be charged to court on Monday 26 March, 2018.

The information also has it that the Ebonyi state government under the governorship of Engr. David Nwaeze Umahi is against the agitation for Biafra restoration and they do not want to set their eyes on the members of IPOB anywhere within the state, not to talk of allowing their gathering in all the nooks and crannies of the state, because IPOB is a big threat to them, especially as 2019 general election draw closer.

The resource person who revealed these information on the condition of anonymity added that the governor of Ebonyi state and other stake holders held a closed-door meeting in the government house Abakaliki and resolved that IPOB members caught anywhere within the state will be treated as cultists and criminals before Saturday when the abduction was made.

Nevertheless, the council to IPOB Ebonyi state, Barrister C.N. Orogwu was forcefully denied entrance into the state police headquarters Abakaliki when he went to see his clients on their net. 

Barrister Orogwu while addressing the members of IPOB who gathered in the state judiciary to hear the charge said that the IPOB legal team shall file a suit against them any moment from Tuesday 27 March, 2018 should they fail to bring them to court still on Tuesday 27 March.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media (Abakaliki Province of Biafra)

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