Okirika as popular called by friends and well-wishers was allegedly gunned down never to rise again by his fellow Peoples Democratic party (PDP) supporter at Ebonyi state on Saturday 17, February 2018 in a campaign organized by PDP in Nwofe Agbaja community.

The campaign which was particular organized by the Izzi LGA council in Nwofe Agbaja Izz LGA Ebonyi state resulted into big crisis that led to the shooting of one Okirika and left many with various degrees of injuries, this was as a result of misunderstanding that broke within them over sharing of money released for them by the top party members in the state. 

Report has it that the state chapter of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) has used money to silence the parents of the deceased victim thereby stopping them from taking action in revenge to the untimely dead of their son, even when the perpetrators are not hiding.

The situation was not given any form of reportage in any Nigeria media both print and electronic due to the role the involved political party are playing, thinking it will tarnish their image and career in the future even as the Nigeria 2019 general election draws near.

Report equally has it that the body of the deceased was deposited in the mortuary and has not being buried till the situation becomes calm. An investigator who is following the case reported on the condition of anonymity that; they are trying to give him a secret burial because the youths of the community vowed to revenge the dead of their brother on the day of his funeral.

This was among many other incidents of such occurrence in Nigeria caused by the political parties, especially when the   election is around the corner, yet people will not learn to use their brain and save their lives knowing it fully well that the Nigeria politics is a game of do or die.

The 2019 Nigeria general election is around the corner and campaign by the various political parties are gradually taking the centre stage even when independent national electoral commission (INEC) has not given the room for campaign.

The incumbent political office holders are making assertion that nothing will ever prevent them from going back to the office irrespective of what maybe the conditions attached to it, while fresh aspirants vowed to bring down the incumbent political occupants by all means. The Ebonyi State governor Engr David Nwaeze Umahi in one of his address to his party members and political supporters in Abakaliki the capital city of Ebonyi state, noted that the only thing capable of stopping him from going back to the government house as the state governor is the restoration of Biafra, which will automatically pave way for a new government.

It is said often times that when two elephants fight the grass will suffer it, these Nigeria politicians are always in the comfort of their homes sending their children and immediate family to the best schools in abroad but hire the children of the poor citizens to work as thugs and get murdered in cold blood.

There is a need for you to use your brain and save your life from the hands of this fellow hooligans and blood sucking mongers, because they mean no good for you and your generations, all they care for is for their selfish interest. 

Nigeria is an expired entity, a contraption by the British and we need join hands together with the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and restore Biafra as a sovereign state because that is the only hope of the common men and women in this side of the world.

#Say no to 2019 Nigeria election!
#Say no to thuggery of any form!
#Say no to one Nigeria!
#Support Biafra referendum 2018!
#Support the effort of IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu!

Written by
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media
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