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I have come to understand that equating Nigeria to Animals without being specific is a great insult to animals that has a well and organized system of Government with a working Castes or social classes. For Instance: Termites
Winged female and male Termites will continue to fly around until they have grown and decide to make babes. The very moment they mate, they will lose their wings and come down to establish their Colony.
It cannot establish a Colony without attaining a particular quality or Age. The couple will be Called a Queen and a King respectively.

In the colony, they will start to make babies and the babies will grow taking up their Roles.
The Colony Caste are divided into three, They are; The Queen and the king(Executives) Proletariat (Workers) and The Soldiers.
Their functions are categorically stipulated, the Executives are the head, the workers are in charge of building and expanding the colony, whereas, the Soldiers protect the Colony against external aggression.
Now, look clearly and tell me, it is not an insult to Compare Nigeria with Termites Colony.

Nigeria, a Country, that the head has no qualified academic upbringing hence he is riddled with the controversy of having no formal educational certification and without any good leadership quality. A country that cannot provide jobs for her willing workers. A country that uses her Soldiers to kill her citizens instead of protecting them against external aggression.

President Mohammdu Buhari is a terrorist and a murderer to his own countrymen who are not of his ethnic stock or have political views different from his own.
He needs to be whizzed into the international criminal court for his crimes against humanity alongside General Buratai. Their demonic bloodshed in Aba, Southeast Nigeria 2017 and Benue, Taraba, Kogi, 2018 must be judged and if found guilty, must be jailed.

How can u still be disturbed by the activities of an organization you proscribed? You still call it by its name. I thought if a government proscribes an organization, it doesn't even address matters related to it, not to talk of calling it by its name?
The government still ask the proscribed group to go and get a Permanent Voter card PVC so as to vote for the same set of politicians who have done nothing but suffer and kill the masses.

My advice to anyone who is thinking of voting in the next election is that your PVC cannot help stop the rigging which starts from the convention grounds where they present their choices without any education or wish of the masses.

Your PVC cannot also stop them from announcing who they like irrespective of what you vote.
Can you argue with gun-wielding forces who carry and count the ballot?
Can you even protest peacefully in Nigeria again? Ask Oby Ezekwesili about her handcuffs

When the National Security Council meets, the following are in attendance:
1. General Muhammadu Buhari (President)
2. Mansur Mohammed Dan Alli (Minister of Defence)
3. Abdulrahman Dambazzau (Minister of Internal Affairs)
4. Lawal Daura (DG-SSS)
5. Ibrahim Magu (Chairman, EFCC)
6. Tukur Buratai (Chief of Army Staff)
7. Sadique Abubakar (Chief of Air Staff)
8. Mohammed Saliu Usman-AVM (Chief of Defence Intelligence)
9. Ibrahim Idris (Inspector-General of Police)
10. Abubakar Malami (Attorney-General)
11. Baba Gana Monguno (National Security Adviser)
12. Ahmed Rufai Ababukar DG NIA)
In what language will they communicate, please?
Do they discuss Nigerian security or Northern Security?
An expanded meeting will have:
13. Abdullahi Gana Muhammadu (Civil Defence)
14. Hamid Ali (Controller-General of Customs)
15. Mohammed Babandede (Comptroller-General of Immigration)
16. Ja'afaru Ahmed (Comptroller-General of Prisons)2
 We must understand that it is a right we own our fallen heroes to uphold what they died struggling for, and Therefore there is no going back on the (Sacred order) which is to Restore our nation Biafra.

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi
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