Oh! Giant of Africa: Biafra the land of the Rising Sun. The land that flows with milk and honey; “Obodo Chukwu Telu Mmanu”: The Wise Men from the east. The pride of Black Continent; Oh! great people, why have thou forsaken your people? Your people are dying everyday through starvations, Fulani Jihadist Herdsmen, selfish governors and tyranny in mother land, also her offspring are risking their lives to cross over the high sea to other countries of the world for survival. None to carter for their wellbeing. How the mighty fallen? Children of light (Umu-Chineke). The pride of black continent and the hope of humanity. Our freedom is paramount to us. 

            Freedom from Mental Slavery;
            Freedom from abject poverty;
            Freedom of associations;
            Freedom from inferiority complex;
            Freedom! Freedom!! Freedom!!! For the Black World. 

Oh! Giant of Great nation, your downfall is our downfall.

      Your Progress is our Progress;
      Your Pride is our Pride;
      Your Richness is our Enrichment;
      Your Victory is our Victory;
      Your Death is our Death;

Why have thou overlooked us for centuries after the colonies took us into slavery and took over our blessed land? They enemies we call our friends are supplying weapons to kill your children.

      Where are your Crowns?
      Where is the Love for your people?
     We are running away to other countries of the world because the enemies have turn our brothers          against self. "What held us together was no more" and "Things Has Fallen Apart".

Our crone leaders are killing us unlawfully and also detaining us for speaking out loud. 
Our crone leaders are stealing the indigenous resources to enrich themselves, also looting and stocking them to foreign countries of the world.

Oh! Giant of Africa; the epicentre of creations. The land that flows with milk and honey. Where are your crowns (Ofor na Ogu)? 
When shall thou restore the lost glory of Mother Africa?
Is their hope for Afro-Americans taken during slave trade?
Is there Hope for Japan of Africa?

Oh! Giant of Africa! We love and cherish. We hope you restore our dignity back because in BIAFRA we (Afaraka) died. We are awaiting the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra as soon as possible for the unification of Black Continent as one body.

The enemies have sowed a seed of hatred among our people to exterminate our great race. The “Divide and Rule” have been working for decades but we have come to destroy it and bring unity among selves. The enemies said Biafra is their problem because of our unisons to take what belongs to us. The enemies knew you are our pride and hope for Mother Africa. 

Biafrans Rise Up and take up your place and restore her dignity (Mother Africa) back.
The learned once has being studying white supremacy for centuries without achieving any tangible results. 
Biafrans; you are the Father of Civilizations.
The architect of designs and the great wonders of the world. 

Why sit and watch us die for nothing after mother nature blessed us with great resources in our blessed land? Arise Oh! giant of Africa! The kingdom long awaited is here with us if only we are ready to receive her. 

The hometown of leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Citizen Nnamdi Kanu was invaded by Nigeria military with a hashtag name "OPERATION PYTHON DANCE” and numbers were slaughtered in the bid to tag IPOB a terrorist organization; where the Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen are killing innocent souls on daily basis without any confrontation by Nigeria senseless Army and the world are keeping silence. What an injustice in the land.

Why have you forsaken your brothers and sisters in various prisons? 
Are you having fun now since the Fulani Jihadist herdsmen are slaughtering thousands on daily basis?
Do you have a better life today?
How about the source of water you drink?
Do you have good roads?
Do you have any good social amenities sponsored by the FG of Nigeria in eastern region?
Do you have electricity at your various homes?
Why have you chosen darkness over light?
Why have you chosen poverty over standard of living?

A lot more to answer for ourselves and those selling their consciousness for money. Our selfish elders selling the destiny of the young generations. Woe unto you, you are a big disappointments to the young generations.

BIAFRA; the beacon of hope and Pilar of progress is in you! Oh! Rise Up Great Black People! Rise Up Great People!! Rise up the children of Light. “Chukwu Okike Abiama ga gozie unu nile...isee....iseee...iseeee.”

We shall take our place because this time around is either the blessed nation of Biafra is restored or we die getting it. Enough of these sufferings. Great Fula Kuti we always say to sleeping once "Suffering and Smiling" This suffering and smiling must stop...! The most high has blessed us with embedded talents, wisdom, knowledge and understanding to rule our world. We shall with One Voice take our freedom forcefully without no delays. 
Oh Giant of “Afaraka”; Biafrans, your destiny is in your hand. Take it now and make a better life or die in poverty. 

I Say: FIGHT! FIGHT ON!! GREAT PEOPLE. Biafrans your children most have a brighter future to be proud of you. 

"The Best Gift to MAN" is "Freedom."
Choose Freedom than Bondage. Reject Nigeria and her colonialists now or remain forever backward.

Great People stand up and take up your various crowns (Ofor na Ogu). “Udo diri unu dikwara umu mmandu nile iseeeee...iseeee..iseeeee.”

Writtern by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For: Rivers State Media

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