Sometimes I wonder why the mentality of an average black man is so low in terms of reasoning. The level of understanding being exhibited by most black people is inconceivable, unimaginable and so condescending that every wise person that looks at it would marvel and question if they are normal. I am not trying to insult the black race but to give astonishing reflection on the bad spot showing an immature thought and unwise decisions taking by some of the leaders in this darkened part of the world, especially in Nigeria, which was geared towards enslaving the themselves and the people they claim to watch over, and thereby causing poor civilization and development, and hunger, and hardship, and subjugation to be experienced by the people. Instead of live-let's-live mentality which our ancestors were known for, they made their communities a survival of the fittest. More so, a Blackman seems to channel all his thoughts towards achieving a conducive environment only for his family without thinking about the well-being of his neighbours; that is the level of selfishness which has kept the areas undeveloped till date.

Meanwhile, Nigeria as a state created by a selfish inhuman unconscientious white man called Frederic Lugard is the worst of man's inhumanity against his fellow man since from the time of creation of the contraption till date, no better thing has been achieved, rather every unimaginable crime and highest level of corruption has always been the priority as observed even by the western world. 

Meanwhile, the world has continued to cover up the shameful, despicable, spiteful and unsupposed nature of the lugardian contraption called Nigeria -if I should say- due to their obvious look-down on blacks as if they are not their fellow humans or their white-supremacy syndrome or the benefits most of them make from the One-Nigeria mess or the interest they have in the looting and banking of looted funds(which is Been sighted in the Jefferson scandal).

However, despite the harm done already by the British colonial masters to the blacks, especially by creating Nigeria, more harm has been done by the created entities who call themselves Nigerians(as evil begets evil) through their further creation of states in the regions within the created state. This was made so as to enhance evil and harm upon the people being subjugated by a particular ethnic group which Britain handed their monstrous creature(Nigeria) over to; as they(British government) even continue -in agreement with them -to rule indirectly in the contraption till date.

Anambra's history stretches to the 9th century AD, as revealed by archaeological excavations at Igbo-Ukwu and Ezira. It has great works of art in iron, bronze, copper, and pottery works belonging to the ancient
The Kingdom of Nri. These have revealed a sophisticated divine Kingship administrative system, which held sway in the area of Anambra from 948 AD to 1911. In some towns, such as Ogidi and others, local families had hereditary rights to kingship for centuries which were installed by Britain as traditional rulers in their system of indirect rule of the Protectorate of South Nigeria. Beginning in the 19th century, they appointed some noble leaders as Warrant Chiefs, authorizing them to collect taxes, among other duties.
Anambra is in the Igbo-dominated area that seceded as part of an independent Biafra in 1967, following rising tensions with Northern Nigeria. During the
Nigerian/Biafran war (1967-1970),
Biafran engineers constructed a relief airstrip in the town of Uli/Amoka (code-named "Annabelle"). Extremely dangerous relief flights took off from
Sao Tome and other sites loaded with tons of food and medicine for the distressed Biafran population. Uli/Amoka airstrip was the site where American pilots such as Alex Nicoll, and scores of others, delivered tons of relief supplies to the Biafran population. Disgusted by the suffering and mounting death toll in Biafra from starvation, as well as the continuous harassment of the relief planes by the Nigerian Airforce, Carl Gustaf von Rosen resigned as a Red Cross relief pilot. He helped Biafra to form an air force of five Minicoin planes
Malmö MFI-9 stationed at the Uga airstrip. He named his tiny but effective airforce "Babies of Biafra " in honour of the babies who died from starvation inside Biafra.
Old Anambra State was created in 1976 from part of East Central State, and its capital was Enugu. This was done as a form of the long clamored restructuring of the Nigerian state whereas, it was a divide-and-rule tactic in disguise which was accepted by our elders in those days. In 1991 another reorganisation(restructuring) divided Anambra into two states, Anambra and Enugu. The capital of Anambra is Awka.

However, there is an ongoing clamor by the so-called elders and some politicians for the restructuring of the already expired state called Nigeria which has met several oppositions. These oppositions come from the two different ideology at two opposing poles; the Jihadists(Hausa-Fulani oligarchy) and the Salvationists(Biafrans who are Republicans). 

Now the question which pleads for answers are: (1) was Nigeria formed through the agreement of the components which made up the forged state? (2) has Nigeria any structure? (3) what does restructuring mean to natural Republicans? (4) is the name Nigeria supposed to be in existence in the first place? (5) who created Nigeria? And lastly, (6) why the sudden clamor for restructuring immediately after IPOB and its leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu came on stage to restore the most ancient Kingdom called Biafra?

If one with good reasoning ability or, should I say, a wise thinking could give factual answers to the questions above, he/she would come to realise why things have not been in good shape and can't ever be in Nigeria.

Moreover, it is only with an ideology that the unwanted ideology can be defeated or repelled. It will be advisable that the western world, international communities, and humanity at large looks into the uprisings in the expired state to avoid the whole world being put into a quagmire; as the situation will, at a point, concern or affect the whole of humanity.

Therefore, Referendum or war becomes the two options as long as the intimidation and extra-judicial killings of Biafrans and Christians continue in the contraption called Nigeria. What is happening now was how Somalia crisis started, and as Gen. T.Y. Danjuma has recently alerted that Somalia would be a child's play compared to the impending situation that Nigeria will soon turn to; as initially warned by IPOB's supreme leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu since 2014 during one of his Radio Biafra broadcasts. 

I make my advising conclusion here by saying that humanity should rise to support the peaceful dissolution of the British murderous establishment called Nigeria through the Biafran Referendum in order to save the world from the looming sticky crisis. 

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi  
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