I left for work on that morning of Friday 16th day of March 2018 and drove down to Benue State. Getting to Obarike in Obi Local Government Area of Benue State, I sighted a police roadblock and slow down. The time was 10:17 am (Biafra time) and I was asked to get down from the car. I obeyed and went down; only for these police officers to start searching me. On that process,  a Biafra currency was seen inside my wallet. 
I was even shocked at their criminal minded attitudes since I was innocent. However, it was unfortunate for me as I started receiving blows and knocks from five of who posed as policemen. 

At first,  I was curious but later found out that my only crime was having a Biafra currency with me. Only at this point, it began to dawn on me that I would have carried a pump action which I should use to invade a community than having a currency note with me. 

I thought I would die, but thankfully,  I will have to appreciate Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama for deciding otherwise. At that spot, my arrest became realistic and I was taken to the police station,  tagged a terrorist and an agent of IPOB. Right inside my mind, I accepted the fact that I am an Indigenous person of Biafra, but never a terrorist because I was never having any weapon like the Boko Haram terrorists or Fulani Herdsmen that have been terrorizing the whole country, killing innocent harmless people. 

However, I was asked to pay the sum of hundred thousand naira (100,000)  before I could be released or granted access to my family. The price argumentatively ended up with thirty thousand naira (30, 000) which I paid twenty thousand part of it and was instructed to bring the balance by Wednesday being the 21st of March 2018.

Upon my arrival at the station, I was directed to the Divisional police officer who is in charge of the station who informed me that my case was beyond his judgment, for such reason that I have to come back on Friday being the 24th of March 2018". 

Mazi Daniel Chiukwu is a Biafran activist who hails from Amaekpu Item in Bende division of Umuahia province in Biafraland. 
He was beaten and molested by the Nigerian murderous and cowardice police officers who tagged him a terrorist because of the fact that he was seen with the Biafra currency. 

It is important to rightly place this notice because the lives of innocent Biafrans are in grave danger. It is no more an assumption that Nigeria is now an epileptic disease looking towards the undisputed truth of how Fulani herdsmen keep attacking communities, killing innocent people at will. The same people were tagged a charity organization. 

"Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of resistance."
--Woodrow Wilson I 

We have risen with the only option to resist with might and strength these injustice Orchestrated by the abominable government called Nigeria. 


Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 

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