I thank you O Lord, God who inhabits Eternity. Your name is "I AM". You are the Living God that made the Heavens and the earth. You reveal yourself as "The God of Israel" You do not change at all and your words are for ever settled in Heaven.

I'm writing with heavy heart but with confidence in God.
  Dear Chief  Nnia NWODO (N N) and all Ndigbo in any part of the World and in Nigeria and Biafra land, I greet you all. In this letter, I decided to indicate the summary of the subject of my writing before dealing with the story behind the issue. 

I understand that the main body of Igbo people is governed by an Organization called Ohaneze( Ohaneze ndigbo) and that the leader of this body is Chief N. NWODO. The Bible clearly says  that God's people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Could that statement be true in the situation that obtains in Nigeria currently  concerning the Igbo's and Biafra? Please be patient and read the letter to the end. This is part one. Others will follow in time. 

Every one that reads this message, please listen, think and consider. 
If at this time, you have not understood the strategies handed to the Islamic government of Nigeria by the Islamic world for the total Islamization of Nigeria, a lot is left to be desired.

Can I remind everyone that the name Biafra is not a new name in History. Can I remind you also that Biafra is a heritage of God of Jacob( Israel) the father of Biafra. Your duty (NN) as I understand leadership is to guide, support and protect your people. What I read and hear is that you are the one giving over Biafra to the Islamic authorities for destruction in cold blood. This is where lack of knowledge plays a role.  

What knowledge ? Did we not fight Biafra war? I was in that war as an adult helper.  You arranged with South East governors to invite Operation  python dance11 to destroy your own people, the main target of slaughter being Nnamdi Kanu(NK).
 The Caliphate succeeded to convince you that IPOB is different from Biafra. That is the tool of oppression in history; divide and rule or destroy. 

Is Biafra a new name? Is NK the owner of Biafra? IPOB stands for Indigenous People of Biafra.   Biafra is not NK's idea or his invented Kingdom or his achievement? IPOB is not a club of NK as some people think.  These are the very people of Biafra who have bound themselves with oath of a high order to stand in truth and sacrifice for the whole people of Biafra. We are willing to sacrifice our lives if need be to die for Biafra. It is the sacrificing bunch of our people who represent All Biafrans in the struggle to restore  Biafra.  Watching your video Chief N, I heard you say that you were officer in the BIAFRAN war. You gave the  excuse that NK did not consult with his elders in what he was doing; you work with many of the Nigerian politicians , many of them born from 1962. You allowed yourself to be deceived that IPOB is a threat therefore, you agree to accept money from the Islamic caliphate to destroy IPOB which is Biafra. Your action says loudly, "Biafra is a threat and must be destroyed." 

How much was paid to you to destroy your nation? Where will you spend the money? Do you know that Biafra is an inheritance of the Almighty God the God of Israel? 

      Chief N N and all Ndigbo WORLD WIDE,  let it be known this day that the Islamic Caliphate cannot  destroy Biafra, even if  all the governors join hand against  Biafra in the pretext that IPOB is a threat to Nigeria. To begin their destruction, Chief NWODO and South East governors invited the Caliphate to come to Biafra and kill our people in the name of Python dance 11. 

Has anyone ever seen a perversion such as happening in Nigeria currently? The Boko haram which was renamed Fulani  herdsmen are going about killing people all over Nigeria and no authority is doing anything about it. Instead, my own people's leaders are telling Buhari government to send tanks to Biafra land to kill our people for the post they will receive. Whether it is believed or not, YAWE Elohim is watching. God in His Mercy gives people warning before He deals with them. Chief NN this is it.

In this month of Feb. 2018, Python Dance  111 has again be arranged to go to the SE and slaughter our people. Is it Human beings that made the world? If humans did not make the world judgement must come.

How can my BIAFRAN leaders accept a very cheap deceit that IPOB is a threat to Nigeria in order to massacre the people of God in cold  blood, Buhari using his official authority for the Islamic ambition. Do you people think you can get away with lies? God is watching . The conclusion of this first part is this: those of you arranging to destroy IPOB are only deceiving the uninitiated. The plan of the Caliphate is to eliminate the Christians in the South for Islam and our people succumb to a cheap slogan,

 "IPOB" is a threat. What is Fulani herders then? Even the Deputy president is currently saying that people should pray for Fulani herdsmen and "all true Nigerians to destroy IPOB." This is new in history. Perversion indeed.

Readers, in preparation for part two of this writing, you are advised to read from the Christian Bible, Genesis  chapter 16 and 17.
Prayer reflection of Nma

By A daughter of Igboland (Part One) 

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi

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