·        How he intends to use the military 
·        The unfinished work of Usman Dan Fodio
·        What the new colonies will look like
·        How you can stop it
·        The defeat of the Caliphate and the anger of radical Moslems to this day
·        Fulani Herdsmen a good excuse to spread sharia


The sun has finally set on Nigeria and as the dial of our national clock is moved back, uncertainty grips the land. Our national leaders who have repeatedly denied our 
history now seek to blindfold the nation and sneak in the most preposterous agenda ever contrived in this nation. An agenda that would shackle the entire nation under the tyranny of marauding Sahel gangs congregating in colonies across the nation. We must expose it and dismantle it.

These new colonies for Fulani Herdsmen across Nigeria is a grand plan by Buhari to employ the Herdsman conflict as a cover to institute Fulani 19th century imperialism across Nigeria. Buhari hatched the plan two years ago and part of the strategy was to use the Nigerian army to drive the most devious scheme yet. When I saw the news yesterday I couldn't believe it. But what even shocked me the most was the fact that a lot of Nigerians hardly picked it up. The Fulani Herdsmen Colonies is one hundred times more virulent than the Sharia crises in 2000. You must know how it will affect your State, your Local Government Area and your village.

For example, it is possible under the land use act for the Federal Government to acquire indigenous land from Abak local Government in Akwa Ibom State, host to Ibawa Military Cantonment, and establish a host Fulani Herdsmen Permanent Urban Settlement, numbering 3,000 people? I will explain this later.
Read the News Below to Understand What I am Talking About.


THE Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh, Monday, disclosed that everything has been put in place by the Federal Government to establish cattle colonies that would solve the continued herdsmen/farmers conflict in parts of the country. President Buhari Ogbeh made this known during a two day ‘2018 Strategy Retreat’ organised by Synergos for special advisers and directors in the Federal Ministry of Agriculture in Abuja, where he said facilities will be provided to take care of the herdsmen and their cattle, which they (herdsmen) have said if water and grass were provided they would not be moving with their cattle. According to him the cattle colony project will start immediately following the offer of five hectares of land each by 16 states in the country, which also President Muhammadu Buhari has promised to help the ministry with money for the project.

‘On the issue of cattle, we have to start immediately, 16 states have given us land to work on. The programme is not going to be cheap. Mr President has personally informed me that if we seek help from him he will give it to us over and above the budget we have, and when that budget is released I plead with all of you to come on board to work hard to achieve results.

(Premium Times) 

Winifred Ochinyabo, Senior Adviser to the minister on Special Projects and General Duties said the cattle colonies would have social amenities such as good roads, a school for the nomads’ children and health facilities. She said that agro rangers (security personnel) would also be at the colonies to help guard the animals.


The statement of Winifred Ochinyabo SA to the minister says it all, "the cattle colonies would have social amenities such as good roads, a school for the nomads’ children and health facilities".  It is clear that Buhari's plan is to establish "Towns", permanent new urban centres for Fulani Herdsmen in the middle of indigenous communities. It means Fulani herdsmen regarded as the 4th most deadly terrorist organisation in the world might be moving to a brand-new town next to you. This is a group responsible for countless of the murders, kidnappings, car hijackings and the rape of women across the country. It is this same group Buhari intends to reward with new towns across the nation. Has anyone figured out how these herdsmen will live side by side with the indigenous population?

Conceptualising a project of this magnitude is both strange and ridiculous and one wonders if the framers thought it through. However, if I am to believe the accusation that Buhari has always had an agenda to islamise Nigeria, then maybe this should come as no surprise. But perhaps we need to examine the truth behind this accusation that has hung over Buhari like an Albatross. One thing i do know Fulani Herdsmen are 100% Muslim and they are governed by Sharia Law.


Now, because a snake sheds its skin doesn't mean it has given up its poison. This is the bitter truth we face as a nation. We were deceived and Nigeria has walked into a trap.

In 2014 the electorates watched in horror as Tinubu adopted Buhari as the Presidential candidate for the All Progressive Congress. The same Tinubu will have to explain to the Yoruba people how new Fulani Herdsmen Colonies might soon be   springing up in Ondo, Ogun, Osun Ekiti, Oyo and Lagos State. When Buhari won the primaries, panic like wild fire spread among those who knew the man's antecedent. Many things were said about him and people thought it was propaganda but now everyone can see what sounded like ridiculous propaganda was actually the truth.

They say a Leopard who wants to change his spots must wait for the darkness.  But with Buhari not even the twilight can conceal the scales on his back.  This man is either the most ignorant or the most dangerous man to ever lead our nation, or his both.
Now in the light of the Hausa Fulani colonies read the report below.


News24  27/8/01

Buhari Calls For ‘Total' Sharia In Nigeria 

2001-08-27    21:32
Lagos - A former military ruler of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, has called for the introduction of 'total' Islamic law across the country, reports said on Monday.

Buhari, who ruled Nigeria from a coup in December 1983 to his ouster in 1985, told a seminar in Kaduna, northern Nigeria, at the weekend that the strict Islamic law code known as the Sharia should be introduced in full across Nigeria.

"I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria," Buhari said, quoted in press reports.
"God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country," Buhari said.

Northern Nigeria is mainly Muslim but southern Nigeria is mainly Christian and has led criticism of the introduction of Islamic law in a dozen northern states in the past 18 months.
Africa's most populous country has been shaken repeatedly in the past by religious unrest. In February 2000 between 2 000 and 3 000 people were killed by Christian-Muslim riots in Kaduna over the introduction of Sharia.

Call for Sharia across the country
Buhari's comments were interpreted by the southern-based papers as a call for the imposition of Sharia all across the country, even in the mainly Christian south.
"Buhari calls for Sharia in all states," was the headline of the respected newspaper The Guardian.
Buhari's comments were defended by supporters as simply a call for the full implementation of Sharia in areas where Muslims predominated.

But the comments are the second by Buhari that have courted controversy after he called earlier this year for Muslims to vote at the next presidential elections only for someone who would defend their faith.
This was criticised by the press as a call for voting along religious lines, as well as an attack on the current president, Olusegun Obasanjo, who is a Christian.
Buhari made the latest comments at a seminar organised by the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria, a newly set up body attended by northern state governments and Islamic scholars.
"It is a legal responsibility which God has given us, within the context of one Nigeria, to continue to uphold the practice of Sharia wholeheartedly ... and to educate non-Muslims that they have nothing to fear," he said.
"What remains for Muslims in Nigeria is for them to redouble their efforts, educate Muslims on the need to promote the full implementation of Sharia law," he went on. - AFP

Buhari was never called to answer to the accusation of Islamisation. Unfortunately, the excitement of Change swept Nigerians off their feet, they saw in him a deliverer a man who was like the masses. How mistaken were they.
One wonders if the sudden unbridled violence perpetrated on Christian farmers by Fulani Herdsmen is not a ploy to serve a desperate nation with the dish of Fulani colonisation. Give them colonies and the violence will stop in Benue. But we are not just talking about Benue but everywhere their cold hands of death, terror and mutilation have touched - that includes Enugu, Cross River, Ekiti, Ondo, Akwa Ibom, Edo, Rivers, Bayelsa, Taraba, Ogun, Plateau, Abia, Niger, Yobe, Adamawa, Kaduna and Anambra States. Therefore, next to these terrorised States are going to be Fulani Herdsmen New Urban Centres - Towns called 'Colonies'.  Perhaps we need examine that word, “Colony".


I have decided not make any assumptions, Nigeria was once a colony of Britain, but what is the technical meaning of the word colony because it would help us understand what the framers of the Fulani Herdsmen colonies have in mind.  

"In politics and history, a colony is a territory under the immediate political control of a state, distinct from the home territory of the sovereign. For colonies in antiquity, city-states would often find their own colonies.

The metropolitan state is the state that rules the colony. In Ancient Greece, the city that founded a colony was known as the metropolis. "Mother country" is a reference to the metropolitan state from the point of view of citizens who live in its colony. There is a United Nations list of Non-Self-Governing Territories.
Unlike a puppet state or satellite state, a colony has no independent international representation, and its top-level administration is under direct control of the metropolitan state. The term informal colony is used by some historians to refer to a country under the de facto control of another state, although this term is often contentious.

The word "colony" comes from the Latin word colōnia. This in turn derives from the word colōnus, which means colonist but also implies a farmer.
Roman colonies first appeared when the Romans CONQUERED neighbouring Italic peoples. These were small farming settlements that appeared when the Romans had subdued an enemy in war. A colony could take many forms, as " a trade outpost or a military base in enemy territory".  Its original definition as a settlement created by people migrating from a central region to an outlying one became the modern definition" - Wikipedia

Fellow Nigerians here is what I have discovered -
a) - All colonies have a metropolis or a mother country, an extension of the central territory. My question - what will be the central territory of the Fulani Herdsmen colonies? Is it the Federal Government? If the Governor of Kaduna State has already admitted that most of these armed Fulani Herdsmen are foreigners why are we giving them permanent residency status within our borders, is this not a grave security risk?  What will be the relationship between the indigenous population and these new colonies? Already it appears these colonies will be independent off the States and the local authority. Where there are conflicts and disputes between the two what laws are they going to be governed by, is it Sharia?

b) - Colonies operate in conquered territories. Are we then to accept that where these Fulani Herdsmen colonies are going to be established are conquered territories. Is this why the army is being used to establish this colonies?

c) - Colonies are traditionally trading outposts or military bases. The Hausa Fulani Colonies will be both trading outposts and military bases. Let me expose to you Buhari's plan. It was a plan he came up with 2 years ago but a lot of you might have missed it in the news.  It is called MILITARY CATTLE RANCHES and it will dovetail with Fulani Herdsmen Colonies.

7) MILITARY CATTLE RANCHES Dec 2016 (Vanguard)
News Report
The Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai has said that the Nigerian Army would be raising up cattle ranches in such a manner that in almost all the divisions, and all the brigades, cattle will be reared. Buratai who was represented by the Chief of Army Logistics, Major General Patrick Akem, stated this on Tuesday at the Commissioning of Mogadishu Cantonment New Mammy Market (former Abacha Barracks), Abuja. The Army Chief disclosed that in keeping up with modern cattle rearing tradition, he sent officers of the Army to Argentina to look at how cattle were reared. “Argentina has a population of 41 million people, but it feeds about 400 million people around the world with its beef.

To take it to the next level, we want to adopt a system where the cattle are not just free ranging coming from Sokoto to Port Harcourt, thereby making their meat tough to eat, the products will soon be coming from our own farms and ranches,” Buratai said. He noted that he has created the Barrack Investment Initiative as platform that affords Army family members the opportunity of raising up fishing ponds, vegetable gardens, fruits, livestock, chicken and their eggs.

According to him, the intention of the Nigerian Army was not just to secure the country, but to contribute in growing the economy of the nation. He added: “We want to tell our wives that they can live beyond the salaries of their husbands, so we are trying to empower the women in the barracks to be able to form co-operatives, so as to access loans and to a large extent be able to fend for themselves and their families, even without the salaries of their husbands.

Tukur Buratai, chief of army staff, says some army officers have been sent to Argentina to learn cattle rearing.
Speaking at the launch of Mogadishu cantonment mammy market in Abuja on Tuesday, Buratai, who was represented by Patrick Akem, chief of army logistics, said the army would set up cattle ranches in all its divisions.

A statement issued by PRNigeria quoted Buratai as saying that in keeping with modern cattle-rearing tradition, he sent “officers of the army to Argentina to look at how cattle are reared”.

It would appear from the foregoing that the military officers that went on these training in Argentina have slipped back into the country unnoticed and they will soon have to put their training in good use. The primary duty of a military officer is not animal husbandry. Therefore, I presume the military officers will take managerial roles. They will need farm hands to feed and water the thousands of cattle under their care and who else will they employ if not Fulani Herdsmen. The Military Cattle Ranches are an extension of the military barracks but will not be within the walls of the Barracks.

Listen to what the Chief of Army Staff said again, "The Nigerian Army would be raising up cattle ranches in such a manner that in almost all the divisions, and all the brigades, cattle will be reared..." What this means is clear the indigenous population will not have to be consulted, they will have little or no voice in the matter. This is the aspect of 'conquest' in this whole devious plan that is most repugnant!   Please note these Military Ranches (Fulani Herdsmen Colonies) will be established outside the barracks. They will be thriving urban Hausa Fulani centres established on indigenous land. According to the Land Use Act, all land within the Nigerian territory belongs to the Federal Government. This means the forceful acquisition of hundreds of acres of farmland from indigenous farmers and the introduction of a new culture and new way of life. Does this resonate in our history as a people?  Perhaps we need to look at that word 'conquest' and why this new colonies might be an age-old dream from a forgotten past.

Our citizens today need to be acquainted with the history of 19th/ early 20th century Nigeria because echoes of that period resonate powerfully in our polity today.  We were not a nation then but the forces of that period are what established the Northern and the Southern Protectorates of Nigeria.  We ignore that time at our own peril because a lot of what we are battling in the 21st century have come from that timeline. And a clear understanding of that history will warn our leaders to stay clear of ancient booby traps.

The Jihadist wars of Usman Dan Fodio has remained the biggest single factor that accelerated the growth of Islam in Nigeria. The very word "Hausa Fulani" is a recognition of the conquest of the Hausa States by the Fulani armies of Dan Fodio, hence the hybrid. At the height of the Fulani Empire the Sokoto Caliphate was founded.

According to Wikipedia at its height the Caliphate linked over 30 different emirates and over 10 million people in the most powerful state in its region and one of the most significant empires in Africa in the nineteenth century. The caliphate was a loose confederation of emirates that recognized the suzerainty of the "commander of the faithful", the sultan or caliph. The caliphate brought decades of economic growth throughout the region. An estimated one to 2.5 million non-Muslim slaves were captured during the Fulani War. However, slavery in the Caliphate was not the more common chattel slavery; slaves provided labour for plantations and were provided an opportunity to become Muslims.

However, following the Berlin Conference, the British had expanded into Southern Nigeria, and by 1902 had begun plans to move into the Sokoto Caliphate. British General Frederick Lugard, the son of Christian Missionaries in India, used rivalries between many of the emirs in the south and the central Sokoto administration to prevent any defence as he worked toward the capital. As the British approached the city of Sokoto, the new Sultan Muhammadu Attahiru I organized a quick defence of the city and fought the advancing British-led forces. The British defeated him.

On March 13, 1903 at the grand market square of Sokoto, the Caliphate officially conceded to British Rule. Fredrick Lugard abolished the Caliphate but retained the title Sultan as a symbolic position in the newly organized Northern Nigeria Protectorate.  In June 1903, the British defeated the remaining forces of Attahiru I in Kano and killed him. By 1906 the British were in full control of Northern Nigeria Protectorate and all resistance to its rule ended.

Perhaps it would be important to include this piece of information as an addendum, the British conquest of the Islamic Caliphate in Northern Nigeria was not executed on religious grounds but was driven by economic forces. The British were keen to rule over the vast territory of Northern Nigeria because of its vast economic potential in agriculture. Britain needed raw materials to feed its industries. The English were also determined to keep the French out. The French at the time had a massive trading post in modern day Northern Benin Republic. The English were determined the French would not annex Northern Nigeria and the Berlin Conference of 1884 had left the scramble and partition of Northern Nigeria in the hands of whosoever gets there first and the British were determined to claim it. 

The influence of the Caliphate stretched from Adamawa in the North East right down to Kwara in South West Northern Central. The relics of Usman Dan Fodio Kingdom are still with us today. We still have the Sultan of Sokoto, who even though is a ceremonial, still has tremendous power and influence. Today we still have Emirates all over Northern Nigeria, right down to Kwara State.

It has always been said Usman Dan Fodio had an unfinished war, his desire was to take the message of Islam through the Oyo Kingdom down to the coasts. But this territorial ambition was not just stopped by the Yoruba warlike States but any ability of a resurgence was blighted by the British forces led by young Lugard.
I am aware some Northern Radical Moslems still feel bitter about this aspect of our history. Is Buhari attempting to finish what Usman Dan Fodio started, is the question?  Are there covert plans towards the Islamic colonisation of Nigeria? What did Buhari mean by this statement, "It is a legal responsibility which God has given us, within the context of one Nigeria, to continue to uphold the practice of Sharia wholeheartedly ... and to educate non-Muslims that they have nothing to fear. What remains for Muslims in Nigeria is for them to redouble their efforts, educate Muslims on the need to promote the full implementation of Sharia law. I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria".Chilling.


(1) Find out if your State is one of the 16 States to start the project. Put a non-violent political pressure on your Governor. Remember you have your voters card you can vote him out!

(2) Call your representatives both in the State and National Assembly and register your deep displeasure. Call on the National Assembly to investigate and debate this new law. The Minister of Agriculture must be invited to give full details of the establishment of these cattle colonies.

(3) Ask your State Government to start its own Cattle farms, this will stop the Federal Government from establishing a cattle colony in your State.

Benue State has offered the Federal Govt the only solution to the Fulani Herdsmen crises in its Bill. The bill provides for the establishment of ranches and livestock administration, regulation and control. According to the lawmakers, the bill will end the protracted war between Benue farmers and herdsmen.

1) Nobody will be permitted to carry out open grazing outside the permitted ranches.

2) Any person who contravenes this act shall be guilty and upon conviction be sentenced to 5 years imprisonment with a fine of 1 million.

3) Where damage is done to crops, the farm will be evaluated and the manager of the livestock be compelled to pay.

4) Movement of livestock on foot within the state is hereby prohibited.

5) Any person who contravenes this shall be sentenced to one year imprisonment or pay a fine of N500,00

6) Any livestock owner or manager who carries firearms shall be treated under the penal code. All ranchers shall engage the services of security agencies.

7) Any person who rustles cattle shall be sentenced to 5 years imprisonment or pay a fine of N100,000 per cow.

8) Any livestock wandering shall be impounded by the department of livestock.

9) Any livestock impounded and the owner not found shall be auctioned to the public and the proceeds be deposited into the state consolidated revenue account.

10) They shall be established, a special open prohibition TAX FORCE that will enforce these laws as stipulated.”

Finally let your vote count in 2019 do not be deceived President Buhari is determined to establish these colonies all over Nigeria. There is a Military cantonment in most States of Nigeria. And while I am not against the Army going into ranching, I am wary that Buhari is trying to use the army to perpetrate this great evil on our nation. We salute our Army but we must stop Buhari. Get your PVC ready.

Especially my brothers and sisters in the South West you are the ones that will decide for us if you will allow Buhari continue in this plan, this is not what you bargained for. Your votes will decide where this nation will swing.

Thank you.' 

By Ata Ikiddeh

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