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DATE:              27 February, 2018

Nigeria as expired forbidable and abominable luggadian contraption must sink down by animal looting funds, they are milking the nation dry, siphoning resources abroad daily, squandering public assets, and becoming the ambassadors of poverty in an oil producing country Nigeria and that's why we must keep responding, I must stick to all calling, I stand as a friend of the great Dr prophet Nnamdi kanu to speak without any fear of contradictions,Nigeria has to fall.......

That's why you don't have good roads, No employment, No electricity, No equipped schools and government hospitals because the leaders who suppose to guide and provide social amenities to the citizenry are criminals and vagabonds, very useless people,they are helping to boast the economy of the western nations, baron of incompetence with kleptomaniac fingers and suckling filaments on mission of vendetta, they are fraudsters, fools among fools, unscrupulous nefarious impious human cultus and international decimal notoriety of stupendous erroneous and uncircumcised elements, Crow food scrawl it, Who is fooling Who?????

Nigeria is a cause to humanity, a huge joke of Africa, it was the rodents that drove away the presidential villa, and recently, a mysterious Snake allegedly swallowed thirty-six million Naira from the Board's Vault, Another monkey swallowed 70 million Naira, Whereas, the minister of information, Lai Mohammed has claimed that unknown Dragon has flown away with  $486 million, a loan given to Nigeria by World Bank, this is supper concocted and fabricated fallacies, And after this encounter, Nigeria must apologize for their deceptively farmed up with stereotypical xenophobic and cacophonic fabricated fallacies, what a shame? What a monster of sickening? What a self-admittance of the failure of governance? What a political drunkenness?What a political ballyhoo? What a political baloney and Narcissistic Faust pianism verging on execrable and megalomaniac asphyxiating in sullen odoriferous saga cum gargantuan gaga hemorrhaging crinkle cranium???

All these obnoxious experiences are occurring under late pedestrian paedophile Muhammadu Buhari's  regime, historically and philosophically, twenty to thirty million people were shipped and killed by his military junta, Biafrans in their respective locations has suffered inexplicable mayhem, marginalization, segregation, and subjugation by the unscrupulous gullible myopic Hausa Fulani Boko-Haram terrorists in Nigeria! 

Prejudicially, ontologically and scientifically, Nigeria is attributed innate mental backwardness and low cultural civilization, a descendant of Ham, a symbol of moral taints and turpitude, And blatantly inhumane and subhuman,this is the reason why you must come out and join what we are doing, Nigeria is sinking and the ecclesiastical executive and legislatures of Nigeria are preparing a better future for their generation born and unborn through animal looting,God bless Biafra million Times 

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 

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