The commercial bus drivers in Enugu the capital city of Enugu state Biafra land on Monday 26, February 2018 embarked on a one-day strike to show their displeasure over high rate of uniformed men extortion in the state.

The commercial bus drivers who packed their buses at home refusing to apply the road as to convey passengers to their various places of work as usual laments of the high increase on the rate at which the uniformed men in the state extort money from them from bus stop to bus stop and pack to pack. 

The commercial bus driver Mazi Onyemaechi who ply Abakpa, IMT Old park route while speaking to the newsmen disclosed that the urban mass transport union in the state decided to embark on the one-day strike to express how pained they are over the maltreatment they receive from the security operatives in the state and other task forces created by the state  government such as MOT who keep extorting money from them on every trip they make.

He further lamented that they no longer take any money home because the expenses they make on daily bases is too much and increasing the transportation fare frequently will be to the detriment of the passengers, he pointed out that the unstable price of the petroleum motor spirit (PMS) is also part of the reasons why the action need taken because enough is enough.

Meanwhile, passengers were seen stranded in different bus stops within the town as there were no commercial bus to convey them to their places of work and business, many had no option than to trek their long distances to work and business as the commercial tricycle operatives who tried to fill the gap was not able to do so due to high demand of the anxious population.

One of the passengers who spoke with the newsmen on the condition of anonymity has this to say “It quite unfortunate that the government of this state and the country at large do not care about the people they are ruling rather their personal interest.”  “When two elephants fight grass will suffer it, now that the commercial bus drivers have embarked on strike, is it not we the masses that are suffering it hard?" He equally called on the government both in the state and beyond to look into the activities of the uniformed men sent on a field work especially the police, traffic controllers and the MOT formed by the Enugu state government to avoid social disorderliness disobedient to law and law enforcement agency which will result to something unpleasant.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media
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