■ Author: Ugochinyere Onyechere 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ

■ Feb 24, 2018
If a peaceful group like the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu could be tagged a terrorist group without killing nor fighting anyone or group, what's wrong if the terrorist forum from Fulani could be labeled a charity organization? Every right thinking mind should be able to analyze the current happenings in Nigeria because something is down going. When I looked back, and into the future of the damnable country called Nigeria, all I see is nothing but a replica of satanic features, a shameless and hopeless wasted space to humanity. It would have been better if the creator used the area occupied by useless Nigeria for another environment that could make Africans comfortable and useful. If the Nigerian government could even think of comparing a group of strangers who merged into another's land and carry out many brutal acts on them with the Indigenous People, I better believe that Nigeria is worse than death.

The Fulani rampages have been in existence for decades, and the world records her as the fourth most deadly terrorist group in the world. What baffles me is that the same country they are terrorizing is proud of them and are even encouraging them to make more killings. How on earth will ordinary herdsmen move around with riffles? Unlike the Indigenous People of Biafra, who go on the streets protesting with just an ordinary placard, flags and other clothing materials asking for freedom, a right that is enshrined in the United Nation's charter. The Indigenous People of Biafra has no records of killing anyone since they commenced their agitations, unlike the Fulani herdsmen whose rank in killings has gone beyond imaginations. Why should a bloodthirsty group of strangers who invades another country because of hunger and famine rocketing their land be compared with a people whose mission is to be self-free from colonialism and slavery? Of course, any right-thinking human being should know that some people are sick mentally and demented.
We all know that the Fulani tribe have been in charge of the Nigerian government since inception, just like Jubril a Sudanese who is now the president of Nigeria; don't be surprised that very soon, the Sudanese government will also flood Nigeria with Sudanese militias to kill any idiot that dares speak against President Jubril.
Oh yes! Can we now see why Fulani militant herdsmen, who invade and feast on people’s farmlands and livelihood; who sack communities, burn down their houses, kill natives in their thousands, and occupy their ancestral lands with audacity will continue to get away with it jollily for a long time to come? Then, a government, which made the security of the country its prime campaign promise gleefully tells us that these are foreign Fulani herdsmen- as if that is not the more reason they should deal with them as terrorists. We now know why the Fulani herdsmen brazenly display deadly weapons like AK47 rifles in broad daylight. After all, even the animals in the Presidency seats has opened their rotten mouths to say that the IPOB’s sticks, stones, and machetes are far more deadly than those riffles.
We now know why the Federal Government of Nigeria (zoo) mobilizes the fire powerless of the Nigerian Army and Air Force to bombard unarmed civilians while not bothering to contain herdsmen, who kill at the drop of a hat. In fact, it took the Presidency almost eternity to condemn the massive genocide in Southern Kaduna, which the Catholic Diocese of Kafanchan put at 808 lives in 53 villages as at December 30, 2016. Come to think of it, branding IPOB a terrorist group after its night raid that has left the whereabouts of Mazi Kanu and his parents unknown is evident enough to proof to all right-thinking Nigerians that they are being deceived, because such approach to a peaceful quest could tantamount to driving the IPOB underground in a way that could radicalise and transform them into another faceless monster.
I see a fallen country, and I see a more significant number of people, slaughtered in time to come. No one is talking, and no one will ever speak; not even the traditional rulers, local or state representatives. Don't you think it's time to stand up and protect your land? Are you leaving it for strangers to do whatever they like with it? We must learn these lessons, and we must act effectively as soon as we can.
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