My humble attention has been drawn to news making a wave on social media about a statement made by a governor who is busy molding corrupt African leaders in his state.

Part of the statement made by this Hausa slaving governor of IMO state reads that I governor of Imo state will give lands to Fulani herdsmen for cattle colony and Imo state is ready to be the pioneer testing ground for cattle colonies being proposed by the federal government across the federation.

The statement made by Okoroawusa got people talking why a governor who swore an oath to protect the lives and properties of its citizens, will be the one seeking  to destroy the lives of its citizens by giving grazing lands to people who have to be named as the 4th most deadly terrorist group in the world , these shows the governor doesn't have the interest of those who voted him into power at heart, it is however high time Biafrans in Imo state defend themselves because the government has failed them woefully in delivering. 

Am using this medium to urge Biafrans in Imo state to wage a decisive battle against this Hausa slave governor, traditional rulers in imo state must not allow this monster parading himself as governor to sign any grazing land , Biafrans, in general, must know that Okorocha is not a true son of the Biafra land ,he is here to destroy our land by helping his brothers the Hausa Fulani in achieving their objective of Islamizing Biafrans , Okorocha is doing everything possible to sell Imo state into the hands of Fulani oligarchy therefore Biafrans must be watchful and vigilante at all time.

Allowing Okorocha to sign any grazing colony in Imo state implies that few years to come there will be a mass onslaught of Biafrans and their inhabitants, which will then force few survivors into accepting Islam as their religion, Okorocha is now lobbying other Eastern governors into signing the grazing colony in their state which implies total Islamizing of Biafrans , every indigenous person in the eastern state must resist any attempt by their state in signing any grazing land, we must remove the hand of a monkey from the pot before it turns into a human hand.

Fulani people have always be known as people who conquered others that allow them to settle in their land.

If the Federal government of Nigeria needs any grazing land for cattle colony they should go to Sambisa forest where there is enough land for grazing, come to think of it why must grazing land for cattle be an issue to the government? are they generating any income to the economic growth of Nigeria? 

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 
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