It is a shame and pity that you claimed to have read international law and diplomacy and yet you are so ignorant of the history of your own nation. The ancient and noble nation of Biafra which has been even before your beloved Nigeria was created. What a pity!

As I watched you blabbing that Biafra came as a result of self-preservation by OJUKWU during the pogrom in 1966 and died with OJUKWU I was feeling so ashamed on your behalf knowing that you are parading around as master degree holder in international law and diplomacy. Ken what exactly did they teach you there or just like every other things which always go to the highest bidder in this godforsaken zoo did u buy the degree?

You read international law and diplomacy and yet you are on the national TV  disparaging those that are seeking self-determination through a peaceful process of a referendum and blaming those been killed for exercising their fundamental human rights of peaceful protest and lawful assembly and you call yourself a lawyer?  SHAME ON YOU!

Ken the truth is that despite your acclaimed educational exploits you still remain an educated illiterate. Maybe out of your desperation for filthy lucre or the skewed evil zoo's educational system but all the same I think it has more to do with your gold digging attitude which you started from CPM when you out of greed married  young Ogechi Ezekiel and nearly destroyed her life and that of the father's ministry. And I so much believe that it is the curse attracted by that your heartless action that is now pushing you to spit on the graves of millions of Igbo/Biafrans who had paid the supreme price and are still paying for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra in your bid to please the Fulani beastly and bloodthirsty feudal lords in order to join the league of demonic power brokers in the evil zoo but in a very short while you will realize what you have done to yourself by walking through the ruinous road you have been walking on but there's still hope for you and the only solution is for you to retrace your steps, repent of your grievous, selfish and heartless activities, ask for forgiveness from the family of Rev O. Ezekiel and that of Igbo/Biafra nation.

I wish you good luck.


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