Every time the Southerners would waste writing space deriding the Fulanis are daft, uncouth, ill educated, ill qualified, quota educated etc. However, the Fulanis that are just 9% of the population (with half the nomadic type that waste in the bush herding cattle and murdering villagers and farmers) continue to dominate the entire other 91% of the country. They must be super smart. Consider this, by the time Buhari finishes his second term, Fulanis would have controlled Nigeria for 37% of its post independence existence - 300% over entitlement. The worse case is that they have left a legacy of backwardness, retrogression, oppression, mediocrity, hopelessness and shame on Nigeria.

This is how they have achieved this: 
They conquered the northern Hausa and others, latched on to the much larger Hausas and formed a parasitic amalgam hosted by the Hausas and became "Hausa-Fulani". They remain the emirs and district head by birth while hapless conquered Hausas remain uneducated, poor, diseased, fiefs and serfs. By adding their 9% to the Hausa about 19%, they achieve status of a majority tribe. They automatically become the single largest tribe in the North where there are myriads of minorities.

They implement Wahhabist/Salafis Sunni Islam propping up Fulani emirs all over the North, subjugating the northerners who are cowed to accept the divinity of the rulership by the Fulani emirs. They thus planted Fulani hegemonist rulers even in areas where they are minorities such as in Yobe state, Adamawa State, Nassarawa State, Kaduna State, Kwara State etc

They maintain acquiescence in Southern Nigeria mainly through Islam in Yoruba land. The Yoruba Muslims have also been sold on the fallacy of the divinity of Fulani rulership such that a Fulani Sultan is the permanent first among equals among all Nigerian Muslims in spite of the fact that Fulanis are just 9%. So, with the infiltration into SW Nigeria, there is much frustration in forming a pan-Southern and hence pan Nigerian alliance to check Fulani hegemony.

Finally, the South is so consumed in petty rivalries fueled by past betrayals and injustices that they fail to advance the next moves while the Fulanis deploy killer moves resulting in checkmate on the chess board. The South with all its sophistry should hide its head in shame if it can be outsmarted and dominated by the minority Fulanis.

Recommendation: The Southern majorities (Igbo and Yoruba) do not need to love each other but need to cooperate or die. During second world war, countries with opposing ideologies e.g. US and USSR, buried their egos and aligned to defeat the axis forces (Germany, Japan, Italy etc). The Southern majorities are still in a state of war. They need to arrange a peace meeting, address outstanding civil war issues, sign a peace deal with some give and take. Then together forge a pan Nigerian alliance to force the Fulanis to the negotiation table with no no-go areas.

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 

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