Friday 26 January 2017

Biafra: Nigeria Died With Chief Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe On May 11, 1996

Nnamdi Azikiwe died with Nigeria

Nigeria ended after Nnamdi Azikiwe took off the grids on May 11, 1996, before the Advent of the white imperialists and colonists, the sovereign state of Biafra has been existing as a blessed nation, Biafra as a nation poignantly came into visibility at the component of the southern protectorate and later  sanguine the eastern region after Lord Frederick Lugard's mistakenly amalgamation in the year 1914.

Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe was born in 1904, Awolowo 1909, Ahmadu Bello 1910, Tafawa Belewa 1912, M.Okpara 1920, Therefore, Nobody Agreed and signed 1914 Amalgamation!!!!!!!

Barr, Kenneth Aka Andy Okeke's black man's mentality virus is beyond measure, Biafra is older than LATE Ikemba Odumegwu Ojukwu's forefathers, Biafra has been existing before Ikemba Ojukwu's grandfathers, it's obvious that barrister Kenneth as a movie dealer certainly lost his pachydermatous garb of erudition and jurisdiction during his university school days! Andy Okeke is not qualified to become a lawyer, he lacks domestic training, he termed with scholastic works of the intellectual blind! he is a baron of incompetence with kleptomaniac fingers and suckling filaments, he only specialized in his movie star and he has never won a victory for humanity.

I'm not maniacally bewildered, overhauled and overgassted at this paraplegic crinkle cranium and crinkum crankum that characterized and culminating in an oderiferous saga cum gargantuan gaga of Barr, Kenneth Okonkwo's public sickening! He waisted his father's money avail during his university school days! he is not educated enough to speak hogwash against Biafran restoration, he is not mentally developed enough.

Tell Kenneth Okonkwo to go back to school and reposition his black man's rationalistic inconsistency, he is not learned, he lacks moral and he lacks history, his stupidity and scandalous foolishness must be pooh-poohed by all compos mentis homo sapiens, Biafra is the terminus,we must demure against demure, we must continue to deprecate this razzmatazz and Nestorian braggadocio, we must halt this ludicrously lugubrious mobocratic autocratic and gerontocratic kakistism of pocalyptic crespcule,God bless Biafra million Times.

- By Will Smith Livingstone  

- Umuchiukwu Writers.
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