Sunday 21, July 2018 was a day never to forsake for the good people of Isiogo in Izzi Local Government Area as the gospel for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra finally gained its full ground in the jurisdiction.

The indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) in the state under the leadership of Mazi Igwe Ogbonnaya took the unquantifiable non diluted gospel for the restoration of Biafra to Isiogo in Izzi LGA Ebonyi north senatorial district, Ebonyi state Biafra land and officially inaugurate Igwebuike unit which covers Ishiafia, Ishiuzo, Inyimagu Isiogo and other places  some elders, women, children and youths came out in a large number to be part of the inauguration exercise which took place particularly in Ishiafia Isiogo.

The joy of the people was actually immeasurable as they could not hide their feelings of excitement, this resulted into singing, chanting of different Biafra war songs and dancing the moment the main inauguration and swearing in to office took place.

Mazi Wisdom Ezike the Ebonyi North senatorial district coordinator who performed the inauguration, expressed his joy over the high level of unity and determination seen among them, he therefore encouraged them especially the executives of the unit to work hard in one accord as to ravel the entire Isiogo and Izzi LGA with the gospel for Biafra restoration.

Mazi Udoka who led the inauguration team to the area as well as the Izzi local government area IPOB coordinator, while sharing with them the word of the most high God; noted that Biafra has being in existence before the British led by Fredrick Lord Lugard came and forcefully joined the three different people who has being doing well on their own in the name of colonization and amalgamation, he charged them to remain fanatic and determined in their quest for freedom despite all odd because the right for self-determination, self-rule and freedom of association is their fundamental human right and no one will deprive it from them.

Meanwhile, Mazi Ogeh Friday Igiri the state IPOB media head while addressing the people explained the role media has played in the struggle for Biafra restoration, he pointed out that what Nigeria brown envelope journalist and their media even the international media have not done that IPOB media has done it and beyond, he further advised the unit coordinator to get a media personnel who will correspond to the state media on anything happening within their jurisdiction since that is the best way to let the world know the plight of Biafrans in Nigeria.

The new unit coordinator Mazi Nwiziuogu Nwabuike on behalf of the people of his unit and the members of executives, appreciated the state coordinator Mazi Igwe Ogbonnaya for his good leadership in the state IPOB, the Ebonyi North senatorial district coordinator Mazi Wisdom Ezike and the general members

of IPOB in the state, even to see the great need to carry out the inauguration in the area long and awaited which according to him will add more strength and value to the struggle in Ebonyi state. He pledged to work assiduously with his colleagues to ensure that in no distant time their unit will grow to a zone and get more zones which they will be called to come and inaugurate soon.

Immediately after his address and closing remark, the senatorial district coordinator Mazi Wisdom Ezike prayed and committed them into the hands of Chukwu-Okike-Abiama, for love peace unity and determination to excel thrive among them to attract others to come and join the moving train. 

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

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