Africa is one of the continent in the world created by Chukwuokike Abiama (God Almighty) just as other continent across the globe. Africa is mainly occupied by black people in the world, in fact it is the only continent with the largest number of black people in the world, that is why Africa is represented with the world BLACK and whenever Black is being mentioned anywhere in the world the first thing that occurs to somebody's mind is Africa. Africa as a continent is highly blessed with lots of human and natural resources, such that are adding meaning to the existence of humanity around the world today.

 Africa as a continent is one of the continent with numerous cultural heritage and diverse ethnicity, Africans are well known for high level of zeal and enthusiasm in whatever they are doing especially the Igbos in the old Eastern region of Nigeria which today are Biafrans and that is why they were mostly taken into slavery to other continents such as America during the era of slave trade and these were the people that made up of Black America, when human slavery was abolished in the world there was no means they could return to their originalities since those slave masters who brought them has all passed away. Then they were granted autonomy and recognised as part of America.

Despite the level of beautification that God created Africa with the land that flows with milk and people with great potentialities, crisis still remains the major challenge of this wonderful natural continent. There has never being any decade that come and gone since after the colonization of Africa that a serious war and crisis that take thousands of lives perhaps millions and damaged goods and property worth billions of dollars was not recorded in the continent, such catastrophic war and crisis has been witnessed in Nigeria from 1967-1970, this civil war between Nigeria and Biafra claimed not less than three million lives and billions of dollars was lost on the process. The war that took place in Liberia is still fresh in the minds of the people not just in that country but to the entire continent, so many Africa countries such as Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Cameroon to mention but few as of today are in great crisis and war and thousands of lives are being lost on daily bases just as property worth billions of dollars are equally being lost as a result of that.

The major cause of these crisis and war both in the time past and present are lack of mutual understanding, boarder dispute, agitation for self-rule and marginalization. Permit me to say that Africa was wrongly colonized, the colonial masters who came into the continent in the early 80s and 90s wrongfully joined the people of different race and culture together for their personal and selfish  interest they never cared to amend it then and now,  today Africa as a continent is still under the indirect rule of their colonial countries and continent, many culture and people of various ethnicities were wrongly amalgamated and the people who are involved have tried to see how it will work for them but to no avail and that gives room for frequent crisis and war in Africa, because when the cheated and marginalized agitate for self-rule  and separation from the original colonial contraption the host county will resist it with arm forces which will result into war when the  right for self-defence is being implemented.

The constant crisis and war in the continent of Africa is the main reason why Africa is underdeveloped in terms of democracy, economy, education and infrastructure, Africa have the highest number of immigrant and refugees to Europe and America in the world today. These crisis and war has thrown an average African into great pandemonium and frustration thereby resulting to low productivity, because a man whose house is under fire will not abandon it to hunt for rat. The rate of damage this has caused in Africa is such that words cannot analyse nevertheless, there is always a way out.

Though the modern western world such as America which is today the world power, European Union, France and Britain who were mostly in the forefront of colonialism in Africa have not being concerned over these issues affecting Africa as a continent, still something need to be done urgently as to redeem the continent before it becomes too late. The United State of America ought to lead the way in ending the crisis rocking Africa by restructuring the amalgamation of Africa, looking into the various agitations of various ethnicities in the region for self-rule, focusing on the contraption of the colonial masters   which was done to their own interest not minding what the people involved are passing through as a result of it. More so, Africa leaders need to give room for amendment and work with any other concerned nation or continent whom it will be of their interest to find lasting solution to the crisis and war in Africa. In fact, Africa need to be restructured and recreated for the betterment of the whole populace and the world at large. There is no better time to do this than now. Great hope is placed on President Donald J. Trump and the whole of America to working hard in ending the long crisis and war in Africa especially countries like Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia and others.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday
For: Ebonyi Media

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