By Onwe Ozioma

It was a case of 'give us Barabbas and crucify Jesus' today at the federal high court sitting in Abuja, the federal capital territory, as the acting chief justice, Abdu Karafati insisted on calling a spade a shovel.

The hearing of the submission of the Indigenous People of Biafra, through its lawyer, Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor against the government proscription of the Pro-Biafra group finally went down today, and the outcome was very much as expected. The judge who had pronounced the proscription affirmed his earlier judgment.

IPOB had applied to the court to reverse the previous order which outlawed the group, designating it as a terrorist organization. Justice Karafati, while delivering his verdict, insisted that the proscription order delivered on the 20th day of September 2017 was validly issued. He made less out of the group's council's argument.

Barrister Ejiofor had argued that since his client was registered abroad, it could not be in Nigeria, but the judge said that an organisation registered in a foreign land could be likened to an alien who could be arrested in another country where he has committed a crime. Of course, no one who has been closely following the IPOB versus federal government case could have been taken aback by the comparison and the consequent judgment.

But each time such juxtaposition is made, it leaves me wondering what the crimes of IPOB, is in a country where the murderous activities of the Fulani herdsmen are increasing by the day, with the government cunningly avoiding even a verbal condemnation, it baffles me anytime it is mentioned that a group that is about the most peaceful mass movement on earth, is tagged a terrorist organisation. However, my awe ceases on remembering the true identity of the giant of 'a shithole'.

Nigeria's Boko Haram is the deadliest terror group in the world but their members are continuously being freed and even integrated into the county's security outfits.It was reported some time ago that a certain big fish stated it clear to the previous government that an attack against Boko Haram, is an attack against a certain region of the country. The very young 2018, has seen the herdsmen, the 4th most dangerous terror group which the same country that has insisted that IPOB, must not enjoy legalisation, has refused to recognise as such, upping their heinous activities.

Scores of innocent supposed citizens have been gruesomely murdered but the federal government who plays the pipe for the courts says nothing save when a reprisal attack is smelt.

It is now crystal clear that not even the judiciary in Nigeria can stand for justice.Every instrument in Nigeria is wholesomely corrupt and nothing in the likeness of justice should be expected from it. In a situation like this, it is outrightly proper for men of good conscience to act on the knowledge that there are humans bearing the brunt of these tramplings of the wicked elephants. There are poor persons scattered all over the country who are unavoidably the victims.

It is right that POTUS, has given the continent which Nigeria proud itself as the giant of, a very befitting title 'shithole',but he must understand that that statement of his, proves that he is well aware of the true situation on ground here, thus, making it his call as a civilised world leader who has the power to affect the needed changes to do the needful.

It is to get rid of the 'shithole' status that the persecuted and proscribed IPOB, was formed. Therefore, all who is sincere in helping wretched blacks off the 'shithole', should take offering it the needed support an obligation.

Publisher:  Prince Richmond C. Amadi

For Umuchukwu Writers

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