Following the relaunching of their daily program MATTERS OF THE DAY Biafra Music members have asked Enugu State police command to Release one of their member Chuks Egwuatu who was recently abducted by the Nigeria police Enugu state command.

Recall that EGWUATU CHUKS AND 3 OTHERS were arrested on 4th Nov 2017, the police alleged that he was among those that throwed and Implosive, Explosive Device (IED) at a pulling Unit during the Enugu State L.G.A Election and since then have been kept incommunicado in Nigeria police detention facility Enugu.

In a wake of such awful development Biafra music WhatsApp group members During their program MATTERS OF THE DAY on 3rd Dec 2017 in which the Topic was "THE ILLEGAL ARREST AND DETENTION OF CHUKS EGWUATU THE PRO OF ENUGU STATE IPOB. WHAT'S OUR TAKE ON THE UNLAWFUL ARREST AND CONTINUAL DETENTION WITHOUT CHARGING HIM TO COURT" declared that Chuks Egwuatu must be released. The presiding Admin explained further that he has been kept incommunicado ever since he was arrested. 

In their reaction to the topic in discuss the members unshelled their minds and in one voice asked for his immediate release because he have done absolutely nothing to deserve such inhumane maltreatment. Mazi Bright from Kogi State in his reaction which drawled many supports from other members said Firstly Mazi CHUCKS EGWUATU THE PRO OF ENUGU STATE IPOB must be released because he has committed no crime that deserves his unlawful arrest/detention.
1. He is not a terrorist rather a freedom fighter.
2. He is working for the organisation he loves been IPOB and IPOB is lawful organisation.
3. He was detained illegally so he must be released.
Nwada Evangeline in her own contribution said "Egwuatu was never into terrorism before his unlawful kidnap by zoo police. He is just a freedom fighter taking note of the events on election day as a journalist. The zoo must release them weather they like it or not because the world is aware of their kidnap. No amount of intimidation can stop the coming of the kingdom of Chukwu Okike Abiama from coming Zoo already know that " kaki no be leather". They are even tired and confused. They don't know what else do to us" Mr Innocent in his own contribution said "no amount of intimidation can stop us, for their own good, they should release him because it’s an illegal arrest and detention. He should be released, he is fighting for his freedom, and he has committed no crime. If they have any case against them they should charge them to court". Mazi FearGod Maduabuchi who questioned how a mare journalist would turn to a terrorist without even a stick said Nigeria police must release them because they are freedom fighters not a terrorists".
The program which lasted for a duration of 2hrs was brought to an end by the presiding Admin after a long deliberation on how to make different serious moves for the immediate release of Chuks Egwuatu who happens to be one of them.

When we describe Nigeria as a zoo people will think it’s a hate speech or derogating statement but that's the best adjective to use and qualify Nigeria, how on earth can ordinarily a journalist with his writing materials and camera automatically turn to a terrorist? Such homosapic, outrageous and disturbing act can only happen in a zoo, Chuks Egwuatu is only a journalists and an IPOB member, IPOB is lawful as stated by their own court of competent jurisdiction, if Nigeria is a lawful vicinity there's no way Chuks Egwuatu would be arrested while discharging his duty as a journalist but because Nigeria is an unlawful concocted geographical space, that's why all this crimes against humanity are being perpetuated without anybody questioning the government and her security agencies. The arrest of Chuks Egwuatu is a deliberate war against journalism, Chuks should be released as a matter of urgency because he's innocent of the concocted allegations levelled against him.

MATTERS OF THE DAY was brought to you by Biafra Music Admins.

Written by:
Nwachukwu Victor Samuel
For: Biafra Music Admins

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