Past Fulani rulers and their British Colaborators
By Jerry Nwokedimma
For Biafra Choice Media

One saying among the oppressed and subdued peoples of Northern Nigeria about their Fulani conquerors is that “Fulanis are always sad and moody each day that passes without them afflicting pain on others.” That is playing out today as Nigeria’s impostor President, and the entire Fulani clan in Nigeria, were not able to inflict (their desired) pains on Biafrans.
They have been gnashing their teeth seeing Igbo-Biafrans troop back to Biafraland (in joy) to celebrate Christmas. What pained them most was that many Igbo-Biafrans were able to make it in spite of all their latest attempts to afflict pains on them, thereby stopping them from traveling home. Igbo-Biafrans love trooping back home every Christmas, not only to celebrate the festivities, but also to meet and bond with relatives and friends who traveled back from different parts of the world.
To stop the Igbo-Biafran from traveling back to Biafraland every December is the major reason for fuel scarcity being experienced in Nigeria every Christmas period.
For many years, the Fulani rulers (the modern-day colonizers of Nigeria) have been planning on how to frustrate and stop Biafrans from the yearly mass visit to their homeland. One other ways they hoped to do this was by making sure that some of the staple foods the people enjoy at such times like rice were made very expensive. This was why immediately Buhari was rigged into office as President in 2015, he cause the price of rice to skyrocket from N7, 000 a bag to N18, 000. Another way they tried to stop Biafrans was to make sure that the people would not journey in comfort.
This time around, they added the closure of Enugu Airport with the lie that they were executing repairs; and then resurrected fuel scarcity which disappeared all the years of Goodluck Jonathan as President.
But trust the Biafrans; they have beaten all that. They defied it all and right now many are comfortably resting in Biafraland, bonding, and more will join before the New Year. Abuja, Lagos and other Nigerian towns, as usual, are like ghost towns. These places which bubbled with population are now empty.
This is why the Fulani rulers of Northern Nigeria, are gnashing their teeth. They have failed once again!
The plan to decimate Biafrans started long before now; indeed it started immediately after the Biafra/Nigeria war that ended in 1970. Then, Nigeria’s internal colonizers (the Fulanis), and their sponsors then (some wicked men in British government like Harold Wilson) saw the rock-solid cohesion among the Biafran people and reasoned that it would not be easy to subdue them unless something drastic were done.
In addition to that, they had always feared Biafrans for their progressive nature and thrust. These were the attributes that propelled them to transform their region (within few years from 1957 to 1963) into the fastest growing economy in the world. First and foremost, the war was to stop this thrust. But it did not happen. Instead it showed another marvelous side of the Biafrans – their cohesion and ability to work together to achieve things.
So at the end of the war, the plan became how to break that cohesion. Upon three things were decided: First, they reasoned that it would work best if their land was made uninhabitable so that they would abandon it to other climes, and in the process help to develop those lands (especially those within the contraption – Nigeria). This, they hoped to achieve by killing the economy, which by implication would mean closing up the factories, downgrading the schools, and all other progress-enhancing structures. Among those killed were the Asbestos Cement Factory in Enugu; The coal mines; the Palm settlements; the Industrial Layouts; Nkalagu cement factory; Biafra Research and Development; Golden Guinea Breweries, Umuahia; African Continental Bank (ACB); Corporative and Commerce Bank (CCB); and Progress Bank.
Others include: Oji River Hydro-electric project; the industrial estates across Biafraland; Obudu Cattle ranch; severe direct links with the outside world by denying them an international airport and see ports; Ceramics, Umuahia; Ibeto Cement; Premier Breweries; and a host of others across Biafraland.
The second thing they planned and executed was to make sure Biafrans would not organize themselves to speak with one voice. Having banned highly progressive and articulate Igbo Union, they set up a similar group that would be accountable to them, made up especially by their stooges and homosexual toys. The group was named Ohanaeze. They were so successful with Ohanaeze that they have been replicating it in other areas. This was why when Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) came on board; the people started hearing things like TRIBOB, ZPOB, REPOB, and other such useless acronyms. They have even tried to clone Radio Biafra. They did not stop there, they unleashed their Fulani herdsmen to go on a killing spree of Biafrans at home so that the population would be reduced.
In addition to seeing that Igbo-Biafrans did not organize themselves to speak with one voice, they made sure that not Igbo-Biafra or any other Biafra-centric medium were allowed to thrive. And that was how Minag Television was killed; Post Express Newspapers was decimated, Champion Newspapers was raped to death; New Breed magazine; and several others were completely stopped. They also decided to take over schools in Biafraland and to doctor the curricula. One of the things they did was to remove Igbo-Biafra history from the books.

Today, the whole world is aware that they have failed. Shame on all Nigerians and their Fulani colonizers! 
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