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There is an Igbo adage that "Charity begins at home". This adage goes to Muhammadu Buhari, who after securing various types of arms and weapons committed another genocide against Biafrans, Christians and Shiite Muslims, forming Islamic alliance while his so-called citizens are dying in Hunger, poverty and illness.

The fund that is supposed to be used for capital and meaningful projects, which if embarked on could save lives, are misused. Used to promote crimes, corruption, killing of innocent people for no reason. Nigeria is a country where her president is supposed to cool off in jail years back because of capital and punishable offences he committed during his military regime, like genocides, corrupt practices, violation of court order and treasonable felony.

A country where the president compensated the former governor of River State, Chibuike Amaechi with the post of minister of transport and works because he emptied his state's treasury to support and Sponsor his 2015 presidential election. A country where the president always intimidates his citizens with government apparition. A country where the Easterners work, read and suffer like perfect slaves while the illiterate northerners are in charge of power, key and sensitive positions.

Corruption, crimes, official fraud is the bedrock of Nigerian government. Nigeria is a place where their politicians are busy dumping public looted funds that are made for capital projects into various foreign banks in the world yet call themselves giant of Africa. Nigeria is a country where justice is too expensive for the average citizens but strictly made for the protection of corrupt politicians. A country where corrupt politicians determine what happens in the judicial system and still calls itself the giant of Africa!! A country where politicians and minister of Information and culture are addicts and chronic liars. A country where citizens struggle to pay bills like electricity, water, tolls, sanitation and they will not see any evidence of their payment.

The question is, why do individuals and some leaders in Africa call Nigeria the giant of Africa? From the past and current economic analysis, Nigeria is a failed and expired state already. Where Nigeria has the monopoly of achievements are only in population, crimes, corruptions and killings. Nigeria is the most corrupt and also the centre of corrupt practices in the world. According to Muhammadu Buhari, “every Nigerian is a thief".

If Nigeria is the giant of Africa, then what happens to South - Africa, Egypt, and Angola Etc. that have better economies than Nigeria. Calling Nigeria the giant of Africa is purely ironical and fallacy. Nigeria is a giant in Negative things, where elders lie more than the youths.
In Biafra, we stand!!!!!

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