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Biafra: The Amalgamation Of 1914 Depicts Nigeria Is Divisible

The Amalgamation Of 1914 Depicts Nigeria Is Divisible

As Harriet Tubman would say and I quote "I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves, so it's also my responsibility as a writer to cure uneducated Nigerians who are still advocating for one Nigeria of their mental slavery on why Nigeria is divisible, if only they will appreciate my effort  for trying to free them from the modern slavery which the British government caged them by amalgamating the northern and southern protectorate together.

The problems which every indigenous person is facing in Nigeria today is as a result of the three nations that were amalgamated by the British government in 1914.

A number of times I have had some politicians in Nigeria uttering the word that Nigeria is indivisible and must remain as one, I am like if these people are normal at all, just imagine a situation where a politician in Britain will come out to say Britain is indivisible so it must remain one, is that person not making a fool of himself? by using the word"indivisible and one".

Over here in Nigeria, we have educated illiterates and professors open their flappy mouth to say a contraption created by a white man is indivisible, and they are proud of it, this is stupidity in the highest level.

Before I proceed in curing the predominantly illiterate Nigerians and their politicians of their ignorant with my facts on why I said Nigeria is divisible and must not be called one Nigeria is as a result of the history that was not taught in schools in Nigeria, a lot of Nigerians are like a tree without a taproot.

First and foremost I will like to inform you that the country which you call one was amalgamated by Lord Lugard in 1914, and according to Oxford dictionary it defines amalgamation as a substance made by mixing other substance together, it's a combination of different things in which the component elements are individually distinct.

It simply means that the southern and northern protectorates are cat and rat forced into unholy marriage.

One Nigeria simply means deceit, nepotism, man's inhumanity to man, a faulty foundation built on tribalism, a contraption created by the British government to enslave Biafrans.

Permit me to bring to you some distinctive features of the three nations that were amalgamated which is the reason why Nigeria can never be one because they don't share the same value system:

Major distinctive features of Arewa:
1/ The speak Hausa/Fulani
2/ They practice feudal value system
3/ Their women tie a wrapper around like rope with a veil
4/ They practice Islam

Major distinctive features of Oduduwa:
1/ The speak Yoruba
2/ since a part of their land went under occupation by Fulani e.g Kwara state the practice both Islam and Christianity
3/ Their women tie one piece wrapper
4/ They practice monarchial value system.

Major distinctive features of Biafra:
1/ The speak Igbo, Ijaw, Ibibio, Anang, Ikwerr e.t.c but in spite of all these, they still understand each other when communicating.
2/ They bear same names as well as their villagers to show they are related in other words they are cousins.
3/ They practice Christianity
4/ Their women tie two pieces wrapper
5/ They practice democracy/communal value system which summarily means
   "Live and let live"

There aren't strong reasons as to why Nigeria should currently be run this way at the detriment of Biafrans ranging from the heavy marginalization Biafrans has been subjected to since the inception of Nigeria as a country ,  I mean this structure of government that generates hatred, poverty, strife, inequality, anger, insecurity and other anti-societal issues.

Honestly, Biafra actualization as you termed it under  (Ralph Uwazurike)   generated mixed feelings while great feelings of hope. Hence there was a turn and Biafra spirit resurrected and the reason for this is the certainty Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has so far demonstrated in the restoration and quest for a one united Biafra nation. There was uncertainty in the Biafra project under Ralph Uwazurike and there is greater uncertainty in the Nigerian project.

The uncertainty in the Nigerian project is highly visible. Nobody can predict the future of Nigeria even in the short term. If you meet both present and past rulers of this  evil contraption today and ask them  what Nigeria will look like in the next 50  years, they  can't give you a clear or accurate answer this is because we live in a country that is built on lies, propaganda, falsehood, Coup upon Coup and finally fundamental human rights and dignity is grossly abused, Boko Haram, militancy, widespread unemployment and poverty, the persistent annihilation of Biafrans becomes a law by Hausa-Fulani  etc. These are problems one didn't expect to happen but they are realities now and nobody knows when these problems will end. In fact, based on current realities, these problems will persist for years to come.

However, I am more optimistic about a Biafra Restoration than the current Nigerian project.

Nigeria, as it is currently structured, is stagnation. She has not made any progress since she gained independence 57 years ago upon amalgamation.

- There have been no improvements in the way the different ethnic groups and tribes relate with one another.

- There have been no improvement in overall infrastructure provision to the public especially Biafrans

- No improvement towards the economic well being of the majority of the Nigeria public, Biafra as the heavily oppressed.

She has not made any progress in 57 years, how are you going to start now?

I have taken a deep look and analysis of this country called Nigeria and I can boldly say that Nigeria does not have a bright future

With these facts, I have made I don't think any reasonable human being will say Nigeria is indivisible or one because these three people have nothing in common addressing them as one Nigerians is an insult, translates to gross abuse of human rights especially on the part of Biafrans.

Take it or leave it, Nigeria is not one and is therefore divisible.


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