By chimpuruimeihenile Immanuel Ukoha (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe

The UN which was founded in 1945 after second world war by 51 countries, committed to maintaining international peace, security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights. This body is the biggest and strongest international organization, and has the jurisdiction to grant a marginalized people or people whose rights are encroach on, an outright freedom or referendum based on their charter for self-determination.

The UN was formed in a bid to avert the incessant loss of lives because of clash of interest among the nations of the world and to proffer solutions to problems among a group of people. Today, we no longer see the United Nations carrying out their functions as they are supposed to, maybe because they have a place or share in the ruins and spoils of the people who lose their lives on daily basis owing to crisis or fracas which the UN, are in a good position to solve but won't until it becomes a full-blown war or terrorism.

Here in Nigeria, some groups have been agitating to be allowed to express their right to self-determination, but they are not allowed to exercise their fundamental human Right. And the UN is not doing anything about it, under their watch, the lives of Biafrans have been taken by state actors, their properties destroyed, their wives raped and the aged mothers indecently and inhumanely treated by the Nigerian military in collaboration with the Hausa-Fulani herdsmen who are hell-bent on destroying lives and properties.

The UN is no longer fighting to see that the right to self-determination, which is enshrined in their charter against illegal encroachment of human rights, is being upheld. They are no more poised to stand for the expression of human rights, maybe because it involves blacks, or because the G8 (Russia, USA, China etc.) want to sell their outdated armoury and Africa seems to be a fertile ground for planting of these evil seeds of destruction and slavery.

The UN, instead of giving the Biafran people a date for referendum, to vote and leave the land where they are being oppressed because of the illegal amalgamation of many different people by Britain in 1914, the UN decided to look the other way, despite the calls made, the letters written, the petition signed, and even the protests made by Biafrans at strategic places where the world, even the UN could see and give them listening ears and maybe come to their aid.

Various humanitarian organizations of high international repute, have been on ground to get firsthand information and experience of what the Biafran people are going through; the killings, the illegal arrests, frustration and poverty etc. which is on the increase on daily basis. These organizations have gathered both video and pictorial evidence, yet nothing whatsoever has been done about it.

The current position and actions of the UN toward the Biafran struggle is not in any way in tandem with that which is enshrined in their charter for self-determination. They should tell us that which we have not done to draw their attention or do they want us to take up arms then they can tag us terrorists?

Or do they want us to go into another round of civil war, so they can send their peacekeeping soldiers, through which they will get some money from the warring state after the chaos, and also sell their drugs and other life support kits which they will be paid for later? They should make their true position known, forget race, or whatever and stand for justice because where there is justice, there will be no room for anarchy and vice-versa. Biafrans want justice, and the UN should do the needful in a bid to place justice on a high and elevated platform.

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