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Biafra is a Country that has been in existence over five thousand years. Biafrans are most peaceful and loving people, they hate killing and cheating, they are hard working people and people that stand and honour their words.

Today Biafrans are saying they don't want Nigerian election again in Biafraland, that is why they are boycotting Anambra election on 18th of November 2017. They stand boldly saying that they are no longer part of Nigeria, that they are Biafrans because the amalgamation was over since 2014.
Biafrans are demanding for their father's land, which is Biafra. Knowing fully well that they have been enslaved since the coming of Mr Frederick Lugard from Britain to our land and forcefully amalgamated us with Oduduwa and Arewa.

In Biafra land, there is no electricity, no good drinking water, no good road, no good school, no hospital, no job, no food. But Biafran land is where Nigeria is getting crude oil that made them what they are today. Nigerian government wants all Biafrans to die in starvation because Nigerian government closed all Companies in Biafra land. These companies include PZ company in Biafra land, Nkalagu Cement Company, Textile Mill, Refinery in Port Harcourt to mention but a few.

All goods imported by Biafrans are sized at the port. Biafrans are no longer importing goods in Nigeria. Only Dangote from Hausa/ Fulani is allowed to import goods. Today in Nigeria, nobody is hearing about Ibeto Cement, Eagle cement etc, because they are banned for being owned by Biafrans. Dangote is allowed to import Rice, cement, sugar, salt, flour, spaghetti, macaroni, oil etc, which makes things too hard for Biafrans.

Nigerian Government is not paying workers their salaries, those that finished school have no work.
Biafrans know fully well that they are regarded as nobody in Nigeria, and not getting anything from the Nigerian government. They are now boycotting Nigerian elections in Biafra land starting with Anambra election on 18th of November 2017.

The Nigerian government is now pushing money to politicians to share to people in different parts of Nigeria to come to Biafra land and vote on the 18th of November in Anambra State so that Nigeria will still hold Biafra captive. But Biafrans are still saying No, that there will be no election in Anambra and in Biafra land as a whole.

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