Tim Tochukwu
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Good people all over the world must rise up, and without any further delay, stop the government of Nigeria (Nizooria), and its police from continuing with its genocide actions against Biafrans. Nigerians must be made to desist from further toying with the lives of innocent and hardworking Biafrans under many guises, as they have been doing.

On the night of November 3, 2017, Nigerian police planted bombs at Ogbette West, Ward 6, Brodrick Street, in Coal Camp area, which is a part of Enugu town, in Enugu State. They did this during the eve of the last Local Government elections in the state. Then the next day, the Election Day, the bombs exploded, and what the police (SARS) did was to apprehend two Biafran journalists and accused them of having planted the bomb.

The journalists, Egwuatu Chuks and Prince Dan, were covering the elections, which were boycotted by Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). The coverage was for Radio Biafra and Biafra Television. At this very moment they are under police custody undergoing serious torture. Governments, human rights groups, and progressive media all over the world must act to safe these young and innocent journalists.

That this happened may look strange to many people across the world, but it is the usual practice in Nigeria by Nigerian state and its police. They usually abduct innocent people and use them as cover to deceive the populace – to hide their incompetence and inability to apprehend real culprits of crimes.
Now, under the current circumstance, it is without doubt Biafrans are not under any illusions that the journalists were apprehended for two major reasons. The first reason being to convince the populace that the police are alive to their responsibilities of apprehending culprits of the crime; and the second is to justify their previous tagging of Biafrans as terrorists was proper.

What is at play is Nigerian government working to give Biafran lads bad name just to hang them. The world should be outraged and stop the Nigerian terrorist state from tagging these two honest, innocent and hardworking Biafrans journalists as terrorists. The lads must be set free to continue with their good work of exposing the lies of Nigeria.

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