• November 16th,2017
  • Author: Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
  • Editor: Ezekwereogu John
  • Publisher: Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
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Just as the month of November draws nearer than expected which marks the month of pre-ofe-Nsala day, a day that will usher in Biafrans into another victorious stage of their struggle for independence.
the declaration of "Operations Boycott Every Election" in Biafra land by "Ipob" Leadership has continued to receive appraisals both constructive and destructive.

"IPOB " under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu being deputized by Uche Mefor wish to inform Biafrans, friends of Biafrans and her well-wishers in Biafra land, to please join them in making sure "the boycott of elections" in their lands beginning from November 4th in Enugu state chairmanship election, down to 17 and 18th of November governorship election in Anambra state receives a wide successful recognition by "Sitting @ Home" until a date for Referendum is given to by Nigeria government.
Indigene and non-indigenes of Enugu state are expected to boycott the chairmanship election which will commence on November 4th.

Consequently, 18th of November follows suit as it will mark a big ceremony remarkable for launching of "operation boycott every elections" in Biafra land at Anambra state with total boycott of the governorships polls, and a "sit @ home order in the state and Biafra land in general, followed suit by Biafra delicious unique "Ofe-Nsala" served in our various homes,which is going to be a clear electoral indication that Biafrans want to settle on their own from a failed state of Nigeria, that is, seeking for an independent nation under the aegis of self determination as enshrined in the United Nation charter.

It's very important that we point out some factors pertaining why we must boycott every election in our land, we are boycotting the elections because we have lost total confidence in the Nigeria political system and we want a date of Referendum to decide our faith, the so called leaders we elected into offices labelled us unarmed civilians terrorist,now the have come to seek for the vote of the same people the labelled terrorist and we are saying No to them because there is nowhere in the world that terrorist are seen voting, rather the remain in their hideout to avoid being killed, we have decided to remain indoor on 18th of November to avoid leasing your murderous Python Dancer's to massacre us in which the will claim the killed terrorist.

Ever since the creation of Nigeria by Lugard everything seems to be going backwards, and am asking Nigerians why is it so?

Nigeria you are calling your country is an expired product it has never worked in the past and it will not work presently, how much do you enjoy taking expired drinks or drugs?

Are you that foolish not to know that the country in which you want us to participate in it, the electoral system has expired since 2014, so you want us to continue staying in an expired country called Nigeria so we can all die while you loot our money.

Nigeria is a country built on tribalism, nepotism, Christian extremism, political miscarriage and a geographical mistake, why than must we vote in such an evil country, tell me why we should vote for a government who only think of nothing but how to syphon public money to enrich themselves,ever since we started voting in this country ranging from our grandfather's to our father's no government has kept to it campaign promises.

A government who see me as a citizen during elections and after his elected into office he will order, his murderous security agent's to launch operation Python Dance in our land because we are exercising our rights to Self-determinations.

Come 17 to 18th of November every living things in Anambra state is expected to "Sit @ home" Biafrans in their own special way we show the murderous Nigeria establishment how civilized they are,the should wait for the worst terrorist of 21centure because we are going to terrorize them with just one weapon, absolute boycott of the electoral poll and a total shutdown of Anambra state, not even a chicken will be seen outside that day they will also join us in observing our "Sit @ home".

Obiano should kindly go and bring back those he massacred to vote for him, you think after killing our sister's, father's, mother's and brother's we will forgive you because of the peanut you are giving to some gullible ones.

We are boycotting every election in Biafra land in respect and command of our Supreme Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who was kidnapped by Nigeria military, and also our gallant and fearless son Benjamin Madubugwu and others who are being held in different secret cells by Nigeria government.

During the operation to boycott every election in Biafra land we are expected to eradicate:
1 selfish leaders
2 monsters in our land
3 crime against humanity and finally One Nigeria which will then emerge the new Africa nation known as the Republic of Biafra.


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