the Face of a liar

By Martin Usang
For Biafra Choice Media

As Nigeria continues hurtling down the abyss of disintegration, what its officials do now is to lie through their teeth to confuse their gullible population that all is well with the accursed country. This is the position of a visiting leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) from Germany to Biafraland, Chukwuka Igbondu (not his real name).
Igbondu was reacting to a statement credited to Nigerian Minister of Information and Tourism, Lie Mohammed, who claimed that IPOB was diminished, dead and gone. Speaking to newsmen in Abuja, the Nigerian minister told his audience that IPOB failed to stop the Anambra State election as it threatened that it would do. In conclusion, he saw it as the final diminishing of the Biafrans.
But Igbondu, who wrote off Mohammed’s statement, said the Nigerian minister was only trying to save face from the knocks and humiliation the “dying country” (Nigeria) had received in the past week. According to him, the fact that the election was completely boycotted by Biafrans, prompting the Nigerian government to doctor the figours, showed that he (Mohammed) was lying about IPOB to confuse his gullible countrymen.
He added that the fact Boko Haram had continued to kill in hundreds of Nigerians in the North, in spite of his previous claims that the sect had been defeated, was another reason why Lie Mohammed wanted to divert the people’s attention.
His words: “The Nigerian government is just trying to sustain the lie that Anambra Election was not successfully boycotted. But the world knows that less than six per cent of registered voters voted in that election. The world also knows how much of buying and selling they did to have those few thousands come out to vote. IPOB never threatened to stop the election and never intended to do so. We said we would boycott the election, that Biafrans will not come out to vote in that election, and that we did”
“I wonder if his countrymen (Nigerians) still believe him. Was he not the same man who told them that Boko Haram has been defeated? Did Boko Haram not kill more than 70 people few days ago? I don’t think his people still believe him.
“They just sent him out to try and divert the attention of his countrymen from the humiliation they are getting from all over. In the courts, in the international community, Nigeria is being humiliated on a daily bases because of Biafra, and they are looking for ways to save face and divert attention. And they best way they can do that now, since all other ways are blocked, is to lie to their people” he said.

 In conclusion, he said IPOB would be opening its Directorate of State Headquarters in Germany come December 8, and wondered if a diminishing struggle could be able to do that. “The reality is that Nigeria is dying and Biafra is rising. You can take that to the bank” he said.
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