By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

The pathetic lot – the Nigerian politicians and stooges operating Biafraland – are right now in panic mode. So they are trying their hands at anything that will make Biafrans come out to vote in the November 18 election in Anambra State, Biafraland.

The huge success of the boycott in the last November 4 Local Government Elections in Enugu State have heightened their fears. They now go about abducting innocent Biafrans and torturing them, just to scare others into accepting to step and vote. But Biafrans are not intimidated.

However, the more they have begged, cajoled and abduct Biafrans, the more they are determined not to participate. Biafrans have rejected them and everything they do. The people are determined not to be part of the sham called Nigerian election. Their simple answer has been that since they have been participating in such elections, nothing good had come out of it. Instead their condition had continued worsen from year to year.
So, Biafrans are now wiser today than they had ever been at any time in their history. They have come to understand that Nigerian elections in Biafraland a nothing but instrument of Fulani hegemony to recruit willing stooges and quislings “efulefus” that will be answerable to them; and help in holding down their people down.

The elections are already pre-rigged instruments, based on the Nigerian military decree 24 of 1999 (which they call constitution) but which has tilted the structure of Nigeria in favour of the Fulani controlled Northern parts. The North which used to be one region was made to become 19 states, while the East, Mid-West, and West were made 17 states. The same way, members of the Senate and House of Representatives (Reps) from the North were made to outstrip that of the East, Mid-West, and West.

Now, with the states, Senators and Reps members under their armpit; as well as other arms of governance including the Judiciary, the Police, the military, and even the electoral commission, they manipulate the process as it pleases them. So, participating in their elections and hoping to get a true representative of the people is always a waste of time. This is why every Biafran must stay away from the Anambra election; stay at home and savour the beauty and presence of your family.

What has happened in Enugu State should tell us all we want to know about Nigeria and its pre-rigged elections. Stay away from Anambra State election of November 18, and allow Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) steer you away into the free and independent state of Biafra.
Stay away!

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