Gov Willie Obiano Riding 'Keke With His Wife On The Streets Of
Onitsha, Anambra State 

By Chinonso Mbah Igwebuike, 15/10/2017

The news of Obiano and his murderous wife turning themselves into 'Keke' (Tricycle) passenger should not even surprise anyone because it's in there nature to always be loyal to their citizens once it is election period.

 In a bid to deceive Voters into voting for them (Politicians) they will start doing all manner of crazy things like eating with pupils, stopping on the streets to buy corn and also frying Akara but once they are elected into Political Office with the help of your vote, hardly will one see them doing those dramatic displays again nor come close to you, instead you will them with ten Bulletproof Jeeps in convey. And some sycophants will be blowing sirens, causing noise pollution.

Sometimes the escorts will threaten other road users to forcefully move away for them to gain assess. Before now 'our mumu never do' but now that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has exposed us to our lapses 'Our Mumu Don Do'. 

Come 18th of November 2017 Biafrans in there own usual way will tell every politician in Anambra state to 'park well' because that day will be great avenue and opportunity for Biafrans 'Sit at Home' and also  enjoy African unique delicious 'Ofe Nsala' as indication of electoral apathy showing that Biafrans to settle on their own from Nigeria. 

Average Anambrian trusting and believing that  the return of Governor  Willie Obiano from London will be opportunity for him to restore a common sense or the ability to reason as a human being but he rather remained engulfed by spirit of 'kai_kai' which encompasses his thinking ability to belittle himself to 'keke passenger' just to get attention of the citizens and support but unfortunately the 'kai-kai spirit' availed to him the wrong strategy.

I suggest Willie Obiano rent wheel borrow from 'Wheelbarrow Pushers Association Anambra' and someone who will push him and his wife round streets of Onitsha, Anambra state to enable him freely canvas and as well invite his team of murderous Army undergoing 'Operation Python Dance 2' exercise to be beating drums to awake high spirit of dancing performance. 

Everyone in Anambra state should ask his or herself this questions:
1. what benefits have I gained since I started voting?
2. Why must Willie Obiano choose to cruise on 'Keke' and not his bulletproof cars?
Its high time every indigene and Non-indigenes of Anambra state caution themselves on this election and speak with one voice by telling the murderer Willie Obiano and cohorts that 'Our Mumu Don Do'.

we will boycott every election in Biafra land, we don't trust you, people, any longer the last time we voted you into office the reward we get is shot at sight of our own people which was issued by you. Don't be so gullible and dumb for any politician to use you like a tissue paper and dumb after using you. your future is in your hands, don't vote in Anambra state election and it shall be well with you and generation unborn. Be wise and boycott the election and 'Sit at home'.

Publisher:  Prince Richmond C. Amadi 
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