"As a reasonable human being, you don't have to be doing the same thing all the time and expect to get a different result from what you had before" With this quote from me I start this write-up, using debate, facts and reasoning to dissuade, persuade and demoralize the entire people of Anambra from committing themselves to another four years of imprisonment, subjugation and deprivation of our God-given and lawful right. From 1999 when democracy returned to this damnable zoological republic till date, Anambrians and the entire Biafrans have been voting but the result is always the same, as one thief goes out and another thief replaces him.
Stealing of our public treasure has become the order of the day, with nobody questioning them on the whereabouts of these things handed over to them by the people to take care of. The syndrome is stagnant, the central apex of their intention is intact, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, that's the modus vivendi, the psychological, physical and spiritual effect on the masses is well exposed for all to see.

They only go to church while campaigning to grab a political office or while trying to get re-elected and the sheepish morons that call themselves pastors, men of God and prophets of God always accept them, rain their useless and meaningless blessing on them, pray for them to get re-elected without asking them what they archived in their elapsing tenure. Just few days ago, the drunkard, murderer and arch genocidist, Willie Obiano, the sitting Governor of Anambra State, took his campaign to the
Adoration Ground of Rev Fr. Ejikeme Mbaka. As usual, Mbaka blessed him, called him saviour of Anambrians just as he called Goodluck Ebele Jonathan saviour of Niger Delta people and Buhari as saviour of monkeys and baboons in this abominable British concocted geographical space called Nigeria. That's not the end, he (Mbaka) prophesied to Obiano that he will definitely get re-elected and nothing can stop that. Oh, what a pity! This is what the Church has turned to? Church has become the best place to campaign and lure the gullible ones into voting. 

My goodness! This is unbelievable that the centre cannot hold! If Church can be politicized to this extent, what's the hope of the believers? If Mbaka of all people can be dragged to self-pity like this, then who is to be trusted? Where is the priest that can authoritatively speak the minds of his congregation and that of the masses? Why have the mighty fallen? Why can't we make use of our God-given sense of reasoning? So Obiano can now enter Keke Napepe, which he never entered since he got elected? So, he can now enter the market and price things, which he never did since he was elected as Governor of Anambra State? Remember Buhari was spotted eating corn during his campaign of calumny. Remember his wife, Aisha Buhari, was spotted frying Akara during their campaign to get elected. Remember the Governor of Edo State was spotted jogging on the street when he was campaigning for Governor of Edo State. Now that all of them have been elected, guess what. They have all enveloped themselves with armed men and women bearing with different types of deadly weapons to shield them from those that elected them. Do you still see Buhari eating corn? Do you still see his wife frying Akara? They now ride in tinted glass and bullet proof cars. Why do we allow ourselves to be fooled with the same antics all the time? Remember that any person that was fooled once is not a fool, but when you are fooled twice or trice with the same tactics that is when you become a verified, confirmed and unadulterated fool.
It’s time to SAY NO TO THEIR CAMPAIGN OF CALUMNY. It is time to come back to our sense of reasoning. Let us make use of our brain for once. Yes, we know what will happen if we vote: they will definitely install their choice, but not that of the masses. But do we know what will happen should we refuse to cast our votes?

NO! So, let us totally boycott the upcoming Anambra Gubernatorial election and other subsequent elections as this will send serious signal to them that we are no more comfortable with the way they get richer and those that elect them get poorer.


Written by: 

Nwachukwu Victor Samuel
Biafra Music Admin
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