By Onwe Ozioma, 27/10/2017

It is true that among the Ibos, figurative expressions and proverbs are not to be exposited. For if that be then it points to the wasteful nature of the receiver's maternal grandfather. "Onye akowara ilu gosiri n' ego ejiri lua nne ya furu ohia". But for the benefit of non-Ibo readers and those unfortunate Ibos who are victims of imposed inferiority complex, I shall make available a brief delineation.

The word okpara is the Ibo word for the first male child of a family. Okuko is the Ibo name for the animal fowl or chicken. The expression "okpara okuko", is a metaphorical name for any first male child of any family who is not alive to his responsibilities. The deed was done, that will be all on that. Let me now direct my attention to my target audience.

Dear 'Anambra',  I want to strongly disbelieve that you are irresponsible, that you do not know your position in this family, that all you care for is money, that your conscience is always available for sale, that you are blind and cannot see your most dangerous foes, that you don't care if you and your siblings remain in servitude forever, that you are not bothered when our promising young men and women are gruesomely murdered, that you don't care about your brothers who lose their precious lives in the desert and the Mediterranean in search of greener pastures because the pastures of  our land which is even greener is not accessible to them, that you do not have to understand of the time. No, I refuse to lend my thoughts to them.

After all, why should I believe such tales about you? You have not disappointed in time past. When in the 1960s the enemies slaughtered us in the north you in General Ojukwu played your role very well. you spoke out and acted out. You did everything within your means to liberate your brethren, including leading a war you never wanted to go into. You in Chinua Achebe and others fought oppression with the pen. After the armed struggle, you took the bull by the horn, leading the way and showing your siblings how to transform twenty pounds to millions even in the face of economic strangulation. You have never stopped fighting for the common man. I cannot forget what you in Dora Akuinyili did. Save for the political class, you would have been by now a complete epitome of a responsible first son. You have truly shown that you are ever ready to play your role. 

But according to the holy book; if a righteous man should forsake his righteous ways to do evil, his righteousness will be forgotten. This implies that if in any day you fail to perform your duties as our father (His Mysterious Majesty Eze Chukwu Okike Abiama), designs it, you automatically become an "okpara okuko". God forbid. 

I need not tell you but let me remind you: In our custom, whenever the father gives out an instruction, it is the onus of the eldest son to lead the other children in carrying out the order. We have been instructed by our father to boycott  Nigeria elections in the whole of Biafra land. To establish that you are indeed the Biafra first son, heaven has respected you with the privilege to once again lead the way. On the 18th of November, the stubborn Nigerian government instead of arranging a referendum which is what we are asking for, has insisted on organising a gubernatorial election. They are actually tempting us like the devil to see if we will keep our father's instruction. Remember that the restoration of Biafra is a task that must be done. Obeying this divine order is one of the last tasks we must do to restore our land and save our posterity from slavery. Thank goodness it is not by any standard an uphill task. It is as simple as sitting in your home on that day. You have in the past done things far more burdensome in order to ensure that your siblings are protected "so this one na akaku case". "ewu nwuru anwu anoghi atu obere mma egwu". You cannot drown in a stream after crossing oceans and seas. 

You now have the opportunity like in other times to further solidify your position in the family and continue to enjoy our respect as an elder or sell your birthright and become a figurehead first son (Okpara Okuko). The ball is in your court. Your younger siblings passionately beg you, do not disappoint us.

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 
for Umuchukwu Writers.

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