BY Chimpuruimeihenile Immanuel Ukoha (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Nigeria as a country or rather a geographical space was created by a white British man who knew nothing about the place. He amalgamated the North and the south without knowing or seeking the consent of the people he intended to join together. I still believe he knew nothing about the Arewas, the Oduduwas or the Biafrans because if the creator of Nigeria truly knew the cultural heritage of these people, he wouldn't have amalgamated them because he would have known that these people are like oil and water which are not mixable. Or maybe he knew but had to integrate a naturally different people together in a bid to loot and not account for the resources in these regions, just to satisfy his political whims and caprices.

Nigeria as a product of falsehood was meant to last for 100 years, as prescribed by the manufacturer (Lurgard) in his amalgamation speech. Britain manufactured Nigeria and embellished her with lies and corruption. After Jan.2014, Nigeria should have ceased to be one but because of the date of corruption in the country, the beneficiaries are saying no to its disintegration.

An Igbo adage said "Ala adighi mma bu uru ndi Nze"(Abomination in the land favours the elders because they will eat of the remainders of the materials used to cleanse the land such as goat, yam, schnapps, kola etc.) That is why these corrupt criminally minded politicians won't let Biafra go.
The British allotted more political powers to the north making it impossible for equity and fairness to thrive. Order regions who feel marginalized have been clamouring for a fair and even distribution of resources but were tagged war mongers by the Hausa Fulani political oligarchs.

In Nigeria, the position occupied by the northerners is that of born to rule, as they have ruled or been at the helm of affairs of this country more than any other region, not because of their political knowledge or leadership skills, but courtesy of the imposition of the north on the other tribes or people by the so-called colonial masters. They are the most educationally backward region, yet they produce or anoint the leaders of the country. Are you wondering why the country is on a free fall to the abyss? Of course not because it is very obvious, merit has no place in the contraption.

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