When Nnamdi Kanu started his sanitisation programme to unite Biafrans from different ethnicity, his greatest challenge was the question of sincerity and if he can be trusted, if he can't betray us in the middle of the struggle if he won't abandon the struggle like Uwazurike. Nnamdi Kanu was subjected to so many kinds of scrutiny to prove his sincerity. 

At some point his promises weren't enough, Nnamdi Kanu, swore to commit suicide in public any day he is perceived to have compromised. Nnamdi Kanu ask IPOB to kill his own family should he abandon the struggle, Nnamdi Kanu swore to give up everything that matters to him for the cause of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu was talked down, humiliated, abused, insulted in many town hall meetings by none other people but by his own Igbo brothers, he was accused of embezzling monèy meant for radio transmitter, his even most trusted inner circle abandoned him, many people made youtubè video to castigate him but he never gives up, he was accused of infidelity to destroy his marriage, yet neither him nor hìs wife gave it attention.

 All these accusations and challenges was put to test when he wàs arrested in 2015, even while in underground detention, they keep circulating picture of him with a woman in a hotel room even with his battered face from DSS, in all these Nnamdi Kanu did not capitulate, as vindication he was charged for importing radio transmitter, all of a sudden those who accuse him of embezzlement were silent. 

The new accusations started, he has collected money from the government, yet not too long it became so clear that the jobless, careerless Nnamdi Kanu, has chosen death over life, that small boy has chosen poverty over wealth. Yet the detractors didn't give up when he was released, the news was he will gradually retract his position and abandon Biafra, yet again he proved them wrong. 

Today, as true to his promise Nnamdi Kanu, have given up father, mother, wife, children, kingship, house and everything that matters for the sake of Biafra. Even as his whereabouts and that of his parents are not yet known detractors still accusing him of running away from the struggle but never care about what the soldiers did in his house, they never care about his old parents whose conditions are not known.

 Of all the travails of Nnamdi Kanu, he never let Biafrans down, he kept his promises, he didn't abandon or compromise, and we, as he always says, will be the ones to fail him. Nnamdi Kanu never asks us to sacrifice our families for Biafra as he did, all he ask us is boycotting of eĺection and sit at home. Is that so much to do for a man who gives up everything for our sakes. if any man who seeks freedom and have heard the voice of Nnamdì Kanu, and go ahead tò vote in Nigeria election, that man or woman will bear the eternal mark of a curse to all his or her generations tò cóme, Nnamdi Kanu has proved to all that EZI AHA ĶA EGO.


Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi

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