By Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah

The fear of "IPOB" is the beginning of ignorant and confusion in Anambra government house because they have woken the sleeping lions, since Obiano has decided to wrestle with Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB calamities and confusion will continue to befall him, until he is disgraced and totally destroyed in that office because darkness cannot prevail over the children of light.

The most high God said He is going to turn the wisdom of Obiano into foolishness for working against his divine project and children.

The battle has not yet started and Obiano is already swimming in an ocean of panic, that tells you how formidable and determined "IPOB" are in their agitation for independence. Believe me what will happen on 18th of November is behind the physical control of Obiano, he cannot escape the wrath of "IPOB " that very day, the delicious aroma of "ofe-Nsala" being prepared by "IPOB" members in their various homes will force Obiano to leave his polling unit, to join us in observing the "sit at home order" in which he will be tempted to have a little test of our Nsala soup.

Everyday Obiano is becoming more confused than before because the spirits of our gallant heroes and heroines he massacred in cold blood are tormenting him, they will continue to torment him until they destroyed him completely and total victory achieved, he should continue to run from pillar to post and fire to fry pan this is just the beginning.

A few weeks ago it was Obiano turning himself into Keke"tricycle" passenger and now "anoint my head with Oliver oil by fire by force" for the second tenure by Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, a prophet of doom  Obiano mumu just the start, Mbaka can finish the whole Oliver oil in the world on your head with groundnut oil added to it, but that does not make any positive change that is just the beginning of your failure because Mbaka has just added more confusion and problem's to your head. 

My question to you Obiano is can a blind man lead his fellow blind man?.

You can invite more Rev fathers and pastors in the world plus pope for a special anointing service at government house, also include native doctors for sacrifices which I know you are already doing in your occult kingdom, but one thing you must know is that you are already a loser because the land in which you are standing to seek for political office is against you for the sacrilege you committed.

Stop looting Anambra state money by bribing Rev fathers and pastors to conduct anointing service for you and urge their members to vote for you, while workers in your state are being owned one year salary. Go and pay your workers Obiano, sometimes I do ask myself if truly you are a true son of the soil of Ndi-Igbo because I don't think the true blood of Igbo race runs in your veins.

One good thing Obiano should get into his skull is that No government under this planet earth has ever suppressed the will of the people, maybe as rogue Obiano is he still believes he has authority over Biafrans.

In conclusion "IPOB" belong to Anambra so do Anambra belong to "IPOB", power belongs to the people and it has once again returned back to us, Obiano should kindly stop wasting his precious time and "Sit @ home" on 18th of November 2017.


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