By Barr Azubuike Anoliefo, political analysis

President Buhari's Independence broadcast is typical of a tyrannical Ruler, and indeed an index of dictatorship, a Government that is not responsive, responsible and sensitive to the chemistry, temperament, wishes, aspirations, and goals of the citizenry.
Barr Azubuike Anoliefo

The President ought to read the political barometer of the nation, especially that of the chagrined and aggrieved agitators.It is foolhardy to either cajole them or cast aspersions on them or label them terrorists, irresponsible or hot-headed.His saucy aspersions and vituperation against the Igbo Youths and Elders, and subtle threat by reminding them of the ill-fated civil war is amateurish and smacks of arrogance.

He is supposed to be the Chief Servant of the people and not their masters.His office is for service not for playing DemiGod or massaging the Ego of an overlord.

Power is transient and more sooner than later he will relinquish power.2019 is around the corner, and those sycophants, bootlickers, and hangers-on or Cabals that prop him to do a disservice to the citizenry and the nation will abandon him to stew in his own mess.Those in the corridors and periphery of power who are mute now in the face of his excesses will vilify him as soon as he leaves his sanctuary of power and the paraphernalia of office.

Governance is both a science and an art.The tactful, subtle and sagacious blending of the system and art of governance is salutary.Blending the letters and spirit of the Constitution does it?

Statecraft and statesmanship are essential ingredients, the prerequisite for steering the ship of State to a safe harbor and thus averting or circumventing the precipice and consequential shipwreck.Nigeria is at the precipice.A stitch in time may perhaps save nine.

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 

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